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What to expect at your Jenny Craig Consultation

  • Chat with your Consultant and learn about how Jenny Craig works
  • Learn how your Consultant can help you with your success
  • Set weight loss goals together
  • Work with your consultant to tailor a weekly meal plan for you

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What to expect at your first Jenny Craig appointment

  • meet your Consultant and learn more about the Jenny Craig program options
  • receive a free weight assessment
  • set weight loss goals together
  • learn how your Consultant can help you with your success
  • learn how we can create a meal plan for you when you purchase the weekly menu
  • talk about how to overcome any challenges you may have

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how the program works

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1. personal consultant

Enjoy weekly one-on-one consultations. Your personal consultant will guide you through your weight loss journey, design a menu plan for you and help you lose and manage your weight successfully.

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2. Delicious meals

Enjoy dietitian-designed, ready-made food that you simply have to heat & enjoy!

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3. real results

Lose weight and keep it off!

Jenny Craig clients can lose 3x more weight than dieting on their own!

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Rapid Results Rapid Results

What is Rapid Results?

The Rapid Results program works with your natural body clock to provide a time period of nourishment when your body can burn kilojoules most effectively, and then a period of rejuvenation during which your body can rest and regroup. When your body goes into rejuvenation mode, your body’s cells aren’t distracted by metabolising food. They instead get a break to regenerate, repair and restore in preparation for the next day. With Rapid Results we provide you with a plan that takes maximum advantage of your body’s natural metabolism and ability to burn kilojoules when it’s most effective, which can help you to lose weight faster.


Your favourite foods, just healthier.
Weekly menu cost $194 – that’s under $28 per day!

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