Over 100 centres across Australia and New Zealand

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Over 100 centres across Australia and New Zealand

Talk to one of our personal consultants about your delivery options. Whether you travel a lot, don't live near a centre or simply want the flexibility, we have delivery options to suit your lifestyle.

Can't make it in centre?

To help you reach your weight loss goals, we also offer our Jenny Craig At Home service. You can speak to your consultant over the phone and have your weekly food delivered straight to you. Request a call with your nearest centre today to discuss the delivery options available.

What to expect at your first Jenny Craig appointment

  • You'll meet your consultant and learn more about the Jenny Craig program options
  • You'll receive a free weight assessment
  • You'll set weight loss goals together
  • You'll learn how your consultant can help you with your success
  • You'll learn how we can create a meal plan for you when you purchase the full menu
  • You'll talk about how to overcome any challenges you may have

What are you waiting for? Request a call and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch.

Lynley lost 15kg^ and loved the convenience

"Jenny Craig has worked for me. It’s done an amazing job. It’s made me confident. It’s helped me lose weight beyond what I ever thought."

^Individual results may vary

Ben leads a busy life and lost 30kg^ in 10 months

"After losing the weight, I feel refreshed, revitalised, lighter - Jenny Craig's really worked for me."

^Individual results may vary

Nicole lost 38kg^ in 55 weeks and has never looked back

"I was really, really scared to hop on the scales to see how much I was, but I've never looked back after that."

^Individual results may vary