Weight loss just got even tastier

Tobie Puttock has partnered with Jenny Craig to make weight loss even tastier.

- Karen Barber, Jenny Craig Dietitian.
- Tobie Puttock, Celebrity Chef


Weight loss just
got even tastier

Tobie Puttock has partnered with Jenny Craig to make weight loss even tastier.


Our Food Philosophy

Weight loss shouldn't be about missing out that is why we are all about dialing up the taste and cutting out the kilojoules.

Meet Our Chefs

Tobie Puttock

Tobie Puttock has partnered with Jenny Craig to create a delicious range of meals. His focus on healthy and tasty meals perfectly pairs with Jenny Craig food philosophy, and we just know you will love what this healthy chef has cooked up.

My Market Kitchen Collaboration

We are excited to be partnering with My Market Kitchen and Emma Dean (MasterChef Australia winner) and Lynton Tapp (MasterChef Australia contestant). Airing every Monday afternoon on Channel 10 Emma and Lynton forage for the best ingredients from local producers at the Queen Victoria Market to transform simple produce into delicious meals. We are delighted to be featuring our delicious 'free-food' recipes and tips in every week.

Success Stories

Our Client Courtenay on the Jenny Craig Food.

How it Works

With personalized support and a ready made meal plan, our unique weight loss program offers all the support you need to reach your goals.

  1. If you like what you’re eating, you’ll stay on track

    That's why we develop new foods that are nutritious, reduced-kilojoule versions of your favourites, so you can eat what you love.

  2. Change how you eat Change how you behave

    Our foods are designed to modify your behaviour. Experience what eating in moderation feels like and listen to your body’s fullness cues.

  1. convenience makes eating right easier

    Each meal is perfectly portioned to help keep you satisfied while you slim down. After a few weeks on the program you'll recognise healthy portions in any meal.

  2. Make our program yours

    With over 65 menu options, you can choose a broad variety of foods to personalise your menu.

  1. Science equals success

    Based on extensive research, our program has been proven to be a highly successful and sustainable weight management solution for over 30 years.

  2. A healthy relationship with food

    With our tailored, portion controlled meals, from a menu designed by dietitians, we'll help you develop a positive relationship with food.

  3. Friendly and Adaptable Program

    Our Jenny Craig Program can be adapted to work with your needs and lifestyle. We cater for a wide variety of dietry requirements such as breast feeding, vegetarian and Type 2 Diabetes.