The Benefits of Support to achieve your weight loss goals

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The principles of weight loss may seem straight-forward – ‘eat less and exercise more’ is what they say. Some of us have probably even seen weight loss success (to an extent) in the past doing just that.

But having the support of your personal weight loss Consultant can make the process SO much easier. Because let’s face it; losing weight is never straightforward. Plus, it’ll be helpful towards achieving weight loss success and keeping the weight off in the long term.

When it comes to weight loss goals, there are a number of ways support can help:


Help to create weight loss goals that will keep you motivated

Not all weight loss goals are created equally, and getting help from someone who knows how to craft a solid goal is invaluable. Your Consultant can help you create a weight loss goal that not only resonates with your own motivators but will ensure they’re realistic and achievable.

This will set you on the right weight loss goal path right from the beginning!


Our members inform us that accountability is a key reason to their weight loss success. When you’re only accountable to yourself it can be tempting to ease up on your commitment or stop altogether when faced with challenges – even if that challenge is simply a weekend.

But having support, and meeting a Consultant each week, or leaning on your weight loss support at home, will remind you of your goals and why it’s important to stay on track!

Share Your Wins

Celebrating wins is crucial to keeping the motivation fire burning while you’re trying meet your weight loss goals! Some wins will be big; such as meeting your halfway milestone, and some will be small; such as sticking to your plan for the week or going for a walk.

No matter how big or small, each step in the right direction will get you closer to your weight loss goals. Your Consultant will help you achieve weight loss success and celebrate in a healthful way.

Overcome Challenges

Many of our Consultants have achieved their weight loss goals themselves and have helped other members reach their goals and keep the weight off.

If or when you face any challenges, you’ll be able to collaborate with your Consultant or weight loss support at home on ideas and then tweak the approach to suit your situation accordingly.

Build Skills

Each week your Consultant will be providing you with new skills and showing you the tools you need so that you can reach your weight loss goals. These skills will also support you in maintaining your weight loss in the long term as they can be applied to your every day routine.

Need support with your weight loss goals? Get in touch, our team would love to help!

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