Meredith: Taringa Centre

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How long have you been a Jenny Craig Consultant?

I joined Jenny Craig back in 2007 as a Consultant/Program Director at Toowong. I then progressed to Carina as a full time Program Director. I decided to have a break from Jenny Craig and rejoined them at Toowong about 20 months ago as a consultant.

Please tell us a bit about your background:

I have been married for 31 years and raised 3 children. Our commitment to our children has always been our main focus, and we were lucky enough to see our daughter succeed in her dreams of swimming at the Olympics in 2004.
My career has always centered around educating and supporting people reach their goals, so coming back to Jenny Craig has been a very happy and rewarding one.

Why did you decide to become a Jenny Craig Consultant?

Working within a small team environment is a lot of fun, and the part time hours I work are absolutely perfect. The timing was right when the job became available and I was very excited and happy that it was offered to me as I can commit 100% now. I really enjoy going to work because of the relationships I have with my clients, and also getting to know new clients. No day is the same, so it never gets boring at all.

What do you love about your job?

I love learning about my clients and educating and motivating them to reach their goals. Jenny Craig is a fantastic company to work for as they choose their staff carefully and train them well so that the information we pass onto our clients is up to date and our clients feel they are getting value for money with the information we give them to succeed in their weight loss journey. Working for a company that cares for their staff and makes sure it is a fair environment for everyone is very important, and I am lucky enough to work with wonderful people that help make going to work a real pleasure.

How do you celebrate your clients’ wins?

When my clients reach milestones of losing 7.5kg to 10kg, I will go and get one of our frozen boxes of food and get them to see how heavy that weight is. They cannot believe the weight of the boxes, and it is always very motivating for them to continue and get to their goal weight after holding one of the boxes. I always discuss with them the health benefits of not carrying that weight around every day, and also how to start thinking about rewarding themselves in non-food ways, like having a massage or facial etc. when they achieve half way or another important milestone.

What has been my most satisfying moment as a consultant so far?

There have been many satisfying moments, but when my clients go through the whole program including maintenance and keep their weight one to two kilos either side of their goal weight for 12 months, then that makes me feel very proud that I have been a part of their journey. It is truly wonderful to see clients take control of their lives and to see the transformation in looks, health and happiness is truly inspirational.


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