Jo: Hervey Bay Centre

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How long have you been a Jenny Craig consultant?

5 years

Please tell us a bit about your background?

For a period of 8 years I worked in the banking sector, 7 years in Melbourne and a year on the Gold Coast before moving to Lismore in NSW to raise my family. For the past 7 years I have lived in beautiful Hervey Bay with my daughter, 5 of which I have worked for Jenny Craig’s Hervey Bay Centre.

Why did you decide to become a consultant?

Over the years the Jenny Craig program has really worked for me, so when I moved to Hervey Bay I decided to go back on the program. I called the Centre and met my consultant Natasha, she was very friendly and we got along really well. Towards the end of my weight loss journey she asked me if I’d be interested in training to become a consultant, I was very flattered and said yes. I think because I’ve been on the program myself it gives me a great insight to the challenges people sometimes face on their journey, also knowing firsthand how the program works was a great advantage for me.

What do you love about your job?

I love many things about my job but the biggest thing would be getting to meet so many amazing people from all walks of life and having a bond with them during their weight loss journey from start to finish.

How do you celebrate your client’s wins?

This job gives me the privilege to walk along side of clients on their weight loss journey, so I love the fact that I can give them extra support with not only verbal motivation but also with visual motivation such as giving them a ribbon with the amount of cms they have lost for the month, also celebrating with balloons and party blowers.

What has been your most satisfying moment as a consultant so far?

Probably the most satisfying moment would be with travelling to Melbourne with my client who has lost 62kgs and is being featured in a TV advertisement. It’s been a combined effort from myself and 2 other consultants in the Centre and we are all very, very proud of her. She’s a real inspiration not just to us but our other clients as well.


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