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Centre: Maroochydore, QLD
Weight Loss: 16kgs
Time: 9 months

During my pregnancy I literally ate for two and found myself 30kgs heavier at my 40 week check-up. I had convinced myself, however, that it was all baby weight and would fall off after the birth of my son. Well 5 months after his arrival I was still 20kgs heavier and in fact that number was on its way back up. I was so proud to be a mum and wanted to show my baby off to the world but I was so embarrassed about my weight gain and had little to no energy to get out there. I was still only able to fit into maternity clothing and had failed at trying to ‘watch what I ate’ as I just felt so overwhelmed with the idea of having to lose so much weight while raising a baby, predominately by myself as my partner works away.

I had previously had great success on the Jenny Craig program however I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to return to the program at this stage as I was breastfeeding and fearful that reducing my food intake would impact my supply, as I had experienced difficulties with this from the beginning. Thankfully, my partner encouraged me to go and speak to them at Jenny Craig and I was amazed to find that the program could be tailored around my breastfeeding without hassle and within a week I was already starting to see great results.

The Jenny Craig program fit perfectly into my life a sa a mum and as my weight decreased, my confidence increased. My Consultant, Robyn has supported me beyond my expectations and has always helped keep me motivated through the sleepless weeks with a teething baby or those days when you are just feeling ’blah’. I am now 16kgs lighter and back to my active self. I love being able to interact with my son in a healthy way by getting outside and playing and I know he now has a happier more confident mum as a role model. I am positive that without the support of my Consultant and the entire team at Jenny Craig Maroochydore, I would still be in maternity clothing and would have missed out on so many amazing experiences with my little boy. I still have a few kilos to go to get to my goal but I have absolutely no doubt I’ll get there and I’m just so grateful for the lifestyle the program has helped me get back.

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