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Centre: Traralgon, VIC
Weight Loss: 26.9kg
Time: 9 Months

In 2016, I was struggling to stay motivated and spent a year in and out of hospital with general illness due to being overweight. I was unable to do most activities with my kids because I was just unfit, lazy or I was too sore due to previous injuries, which were being strained from being too heavy. This made the kids sad and unhappy, which made me feel like I was letting them down.

I had two different moments that made me want to begin my weight loss journey. The first was when I was in hospital. I stood on the scales and weighed 126kg, I was not expecting that. I thought I was only 100kg. It was a big shock. The second was when my kids went to do The Summit Survivor event. We had to walk up a very big hill. I only made it halfway and I was out of breath, sweating bad and struggling to stay on my feet by the time we got to the top. The kids were worried for my health and upset for their dad thinking it would be another trip to the hospital. Something had to change

My experience on the program has been a great one with a lot of support from all involved. The girls at the Traralgon office have shown me that it can be done whilst working night shift, which I was not sure on how to do. They are very friendly and just as excited for my progress as I am. I look forward to my weekly visits.

I have now been on the Jenny Craig Program for 9 months and have lost nearly 27kg. I feel great! I have been more motivated to do things with my family, including bike riding with my son in the bush, helping him with his footy club and just playing with them around the house. We have even enjoyed family days out walking around the beach and bush. My injuries that had stopped me from doing things have come good and no more time spent in the hospital, which is great. I am happier and my family is happier. I still have more to lose but with the support from staff at Traralgon Jenny Craig and especially my partner and kids, I will get there. I started at 116kg, I am down to 89Kg. My goal is 80kg. Let’s do this!

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