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Centre: Belconnen, ACT
Weight Loss: 34.5kg
Time: 16 Months

I started to put on weight in my late 40’s and it crept up and up. The weight gain wasn’t so great that I noticed any effect on my health or activity levels. It was when I broke my leg 5 years ago that I felt like I lost control of my life. I wasn’t able to exercise and I sought comfort in food. I put on more and more weight until I didn’t recognise my body any more. I felt lethargic and out of control. The more weight I put on the less I was able to move. Everything became an effort. I couldn’t even do the things I had always loved – gardening, swimming, walking, the list was enormous and I wasn’t living the life I wanted. I tried losing weight by following different diets and weight loss programs, only to lose a few kg and put them on again. I felt frustrated and a total failure as I just couldn’t seem to lose weight and keep it off. Whenever I saw my reflection in shop windows or mirrors I didn’t recognise myself. I felt shocked and ashamed at what my body had become.

I saw myself in the photos at my mother’s 80th birthday celebrations and I was shocked at how unhealthy and unhappy I looked. Part of me felt like I’d never be able to return to feeling energetic and having a zest for life again. I guess I was depressed by my situation and kept eating and eating to try and make myself feel better. Despite my feelings of failure, I remembered how Jenny Craig had worked well for me in the past when I had smaller amounts of weight to lose. I decided to phone Jenny Craig to find out whether there was a Centre near me. Unfortunately the closest Centre was in Canberra and I live on the south coast of NSW but I decided to make an appointment and drive the two and a half hours up there. It was the best decision I made!

My first appointment was so positive! I felt like my Consultant understood me and she didn’t judge me for letting myself get to this point. She talked about the Program and we went through the menu so I could swap and foods I didn’t think I would like. I felt so supported. We would be a partnership in this journey together. I didn’t feel so alone any more.

My plan was to collect 4 weeks of food at a time and have my weight and measurements done to track my progress. It was realistic to travel to the Centre every 4 weeks. Every week my Consultant phoned me which was a great support for keeping me on track and she always had ideas and advice to help me face challenges to my weight loss journey. I never felt like I was on my own. I always felt supported and I continue to feel supported by my Consultant in the maintenance phase of my weight loss journey.

I set my first goal and I wanted it to be realistic and achievable. It was April last year and I wanted to lose 11kg by December when I was due to go to the USA for a holiday. I achieved this goal earlier than planned which felt great! I lost a few more kg before Christmas and my overseas holiday.

When I was in the USA I contacted a Jenny Craig Centre that was 4 hour drive from the mountain village where I was staying and they agreed to send me food and the program guides to assist me in staying on track while I was on holidays. They even phoned me once a week for a consultation. This was fantastic as the food was different to in Australia and I felt like I was on a holiday and able to enjoy eating different foods and lost weight at the same time!

I feel so much better than I imagined I would. I feel successful in achieving my goal and my confidence has returned. I feel 20 years younger and more energetic than I have ever felt. I have rediscovered my love of yoga practice and my whole body shape has changed. I feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life. I love being able to buy fashionable clothes off the rack and everyone comments on how fantastic I look!

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