Pamela lost 41kg^ and feels more confident!

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Pukekohe, NZ

Weight loss: 41kg

Please tell us your story and what life was like before your weight loss?

Before my weight loss, my family always came first. I had no energy to do anything so I would isolate myself, nose in a book and stay at home. I never went outside as I was too embarrassed and had nothing to wear. I bought clothes to cover myself instead of fitting me, my clothes were dark and I always wore a hat.

What was your ‘aha’ moment? The moment that made you want to begin your weight loss journey?

The month before I began my journey with Jenny Craig I had spread my husband’s ashes, which had been a year since his death. I felt free to think of myself again, not just everyone else. At my work someone started a weight loss challenge and I weighed in at 138kg. I was shocked as I had never been that big before in my life. A few days later my friend sent me a Jenny Craig ad about a special start up program, I knew I had to do something as I had my first grandchild on the way and I needed to live for them, but most importantly for myself. I rang up and booked an appointment, my journey started and I have never looked back.

Please tell us about your experience on the Jenny Craig Program?

The wonderful Consultants were so helpful, understanding and gave me encouragement when I was having a down week. When I first walked into Jenny Craig I had doubts whether I would feel comfortable or if they would understand my story. But no, I felt relaxed, relieved and started the next chapter of my life.

How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

I feel more confident, I take pride in how I look and dress in more fitted clothes with lots of colours. I never leave the house without looking in the mirror – everything must match and my hair is always done. I am standing tall with more energy, I walk everywhere now and feel that I can do my job a lot better than before.

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