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Jelena Dokic, the former world number four tennis player, bestselling author, commentator and speaker, has started her Jenny Craig journey. Jelena’s starting weight is 99kg and by following the Rapid Results Program, is aiming to lose 33kg in six months. Meet Jelena now and follow her journey on social media #myjennycraigjourney If you’d like to join Jelena on your own weight loss journey, contact your nearest centre today.

When did you realise you were gaining weight?

My weight gain started a few years ago when I retired from professional tennis around 2014 and it didn’t happen overnight obviously. It was a gradual process over a few years and it really spiralled out of control after I retired.

Have you noticed a change in your confidence?

It’s been really difficult with my confidence and the more weight I was gaining it was really affecting me. I’ve lost a lot of self-esteem. I’m not able to wear the clothes that I want to wear and do things I want to do. I’ve had a lot of times where I haven’t gone to certain events and gone to certain gatherings with friends because I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I haven’t even realised just how many things I’ve turned down and certain things I haven’t gone to and then I see it effects your whole life, I was feeling actually quite sad and depressed at times because it definitely affects you a lot emotionally.

When did you decide you wanted to make a change?

I’ve been struggling with it for a while. Pretty much as soon as the weight gain started, I really struggled with that balance of being a professional tennis player for a very long time and being an athlete and always being in shape, then retiring, which was a big shock for me personally and a big adjustment. That’s when it started and I constantly wanted to do something about it and make a change but it was really, really hard. I really decided that I wanted to do something about it this year and that this was a turning point. I still had a lot of plans for myself and still wanted to do a lot of things in future and this was one of the things that I really had to get under control.

Are you hoping to inspire other people throughout your journey?

I’ve tried to inspire people my whole life and as a professional athlete I think I motivate and inspire other people, especially the younger generation. With Jenny Craig, I can definitely motivate and inspire a lot of other people, especially women that are in a similar situation and hopefully I can inspire them that it can be done, the right way and it can be done where you’re still enjoying life. It is about getting healthy and fit and living your best life.

Are you looking to change your relationship with food?

Absolutely. I think Jenny Craig will change my relationship with food just in the way that I perceive food, what is healthy and what isn’t. The biggest thing is portion control that’s been a problem for me and another huge thing that’s really important for me with Jenny Craig is the Consultant.

What are you most looking forward to with joining Jenny Craig?

I love the fact that you can talk to someone and you go in and you see them once a week but you can actually call them any time with, any issues you have, any questions – I really feel the support. It’s been really important for me mentally, it keeps me on track and it keeps me accountable.

The most I’m looking forward to with starting Jenny Craig is the food, it’s the variety but also the convenience – the portion control and knowing that I’ve got all my food ready and it’s very easy, very convenient, ready in a few minutes and it has taken the worry out of everyday life, what to do and what to eat and I love that!

What advice would you give to people who want to start their own weight loss journey?

I think the first step in starting a weight loss journey is always really difficult to make that change and make that first step. I think the advice would be for them not to be scared and not to have this fear, it’s definitely a process I think you have to trust and believe in. Not every day is going to be easy, you’re going to have some really tough days but it’s something that you can definitely do on Jenny Craig. That convenience you have, portion control, variety of the food. It really makes it a lot easier than people probably think. The Consultant and going in every week and having that support is something that I’ve definitely never had, and you know, it was a real surprise to me and that’s definitely one of the reasons why I went on Jenny Craig.

Keep up with Jelena’s journey by following #myjennycraigjourney on social media. If you’d like to join Jelena and start your own weight loss journey, book an appointment at your local centre today.

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