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Centre: Castle Hill, NSW
Weight Loss: 38kg
Time: 55 Weeks

My life was working and eating junk food and not caring about what food I was eating. I would get upset when people would say “isn’t that enough?”. My family was always worried that I could have a heart attack or develop diabetes. Just walking up the stairs was hard and I hated going shopping for clothes because I would be in size 22 and I felt embarrassed. I am so happy I walked into the Jenny Craig Centre at Castle Hill, I have never looked back. The only thing is I wish I had started this a long time ago. But I am happy I started.  A lot of people say they were doing this for their family or an upcoming wedding. I said I am doing this for myself and myself first. I need to be happy with how I look and feel.

My legs were constantly sore and felt puffy. I had difficulty breathing when walking up stairs. Just doing simple things were hard. I disliked shopping for clothes. Some days I felt ugly and I knew I needed to lose weight. My friend was on Jenny Craig and she lost 15kg so I thought I would give it a go and I wish I had started earlier.

I would weigh in every Saturday morning at 7:30am and really enjoyed going even just to see the ladies. My family, friends, work and the ladies at Jenny Craig Castle Hill have been amazing. I really enjoy speaking to people about how far I have come and just how easy it felt for me.

I would recommend this to anyone. I love the food and how easy it is to understand and how many choices you can have. Working in an office means a lot of birthdays and events where they supply fast food and unhealthy food.

I had to speak to my team to let them know I was on the program and they couldn’t have been more supportive. They wouldn’t ask me if I wanted cake or anything unhealthy because they knew I wanted this so bad.

Understanding food is the best thing I have learnt on Jenny Craig because if I want it I’ll only have a small piece otherwise you just want the whole thing and you will fall into your bad habits again.

I would get really upset if I had to go out for dinner and miss one of my favourite Jenny Craig dinners eg. bangers and mash or cottage pie. Because I just love the food.

I understand food and if I want something I only have a tiny bit and not the whole thing. I love the feeling of walking into a clothes shop and being able to try on clothes that I otherwise wouldn’t. I recently went into a store to try on a pair of jeans and found I could get into a size 12 and not a 20 plus.

The day I hit my goal weight was on 3 December 2016, it took me 9 months and 17 days and it has been the best life changing 9 months. I feel amazing and so proud of what I have done within only a short time frame.

I have been supported by everyone, even strangers coming up to me saying that I look amazing and I tell them my story and they can’t believe it. I love showing my before and after photo and I am still in shock of how far I have come.

I have so much in my life to look forward to now. Losing the weight has helped me with my confidence and getting my new role at work and just to be able to help people who might be struggling with their weight—I know where they have come from.

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