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Centre: Tauranga, NZ
Weight Loss: 20kg
Time: 4 Months

In my mid 30’s I went through dramatic career change along with and other major life challenges. I was in a very active job and reasonably fit, I literally changed occupation overnight into sedentary work. Unfortunately, when making these changes a lot of the old habits tended to follow, such as food intake, type and volume. I did try gyms, cycling and other various forms of exercise over the years, however always struggled to keep it going.

In the recent years as I approached Mid-life (50’s) I was struggling with weight gain. My working week eating habits consisted of consuming muffins for morning tea, hot chips and sausage rolls for lunch daily! On top of socialising with clients!

Some of my work colleagues and friends would greet me by saying “How’s it going Big Guy/fella?” I did not think much of the comment. I was in denial. I did start noticing my health was not that great, with the odd stint to hospital, I was getting ill a lot more frequently and my asthma was becoming a problem.

The ‘aha’ moment for me came in very late 2016. Firstly, my wife had been doing Jenny Craig during the year and I saw the benefits and the positive change to her outlook on life. I thought this could be for me. It wasn’t until early November my company undertook some community awareness events. One of the events was to donate blood which I did. As part of the company profile, photographs were taken of us donating blood. I looked at the photo of me lying in the donor chair, and all I saw was a ‘Fat Guy’. That was my ‘aha’ moment! Plus being middle aged and having a young family it is my priority to make sure I will be healthy and around for my wife, children, future grandchildren and great grandchildren!

So in mid-December 2016 I started my Jenny Craig journey. Some may say this was a crazy time to start due to the looming festive season and holidays full of all the naughty foods and summer barbeques, even a trip to Fiji thrown into the mix!

The first week or two on the Jenny Craig was hard, I still had the normal unhealthy cravings to deal with, however I was to determine not to cave in to these desires and give this ago.

Much to my surprise on my first weigh in after week 1 I had lost 4kgs. I was not feeling hungry at all. This is the boost that I needed to continue with the program.

Christmas and New Year’s came and went so did a holiday to Fiji. I still enjoyed those yummy foods, and occasional drinks over this period. The weight loss slowed but I did not gain any.

I have lost over 20kg and am well on my way to achieving my goal weight. I feel great and have a spring back in my step and even feel like exercising! To me Jenny Craig is not a diet, the food is great and there is heaps of variety, and it’s a lifestyle change and reprograming of your eating habits.

The good thing about doing Jenny Craig is the accountability you have with your Consultant. My goal now is to reach my goal weight and become independent with my food preparation.

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