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Centre: Tweed Heads, NSW
Weight Loss: 21kgs
Time: 11 months

Before I started the Jenny Craig journey I was not just over weight, I was fatigued, depressed and I did not feel that I was living my best life.

After years and years of struggling with fad diets and weight loss shakes, I had given up on keeping my weight down. I knew that my clothes were getting tighter and tighter, but I didn’t have the get up and go to do much about it. Until I went on a cruise to Asia with my family a year ago, after returning home and looking (with horror) at our holiday photos I simply had to face it; I was overweight and I absolutely had to do something about it.

While watching TV I saw an ad for Jenny Craig. I was very impressed and decided I had to give it a try. I discussed it with my husband and daughter. Their support gave me the confidence to make the phone call and book my first appointment with Jenny Craig Tweed Heads. Going into the office for the first time, I was nervous and anxious. It was devastating to see the scales confirm my fear that I was significantly overweight and I weighed in at 76.3 kgs. I knew that I had reached a crucial point of my existence; it was now or never and I had to commit completely. No excuses, no cheating, just get on with it.

Lorna, my consultant and the staff were fantastic; supportive and encouraging from the word go. My weight loss journey with Jenny Craig had begun. It didn’t take long to start seeing the results with each one-on-one consult with Lorna. I was learning to manage my food intake in the long term, something previously impossible for me.

I also had health issues affecting my weight loss. I used to wake in terror, unable to breathe or actually choking. An ENT specialist made the diagnosis of sleep apnoea and nasal surgery in 2014 relieved me of some symptoms, but others persisted. In 2015 an Oral Mandibular surgeon prescribed a mandibular device. Alas I still could not lose weight and my mandible (lower jaw) would fall out of the device at night and the anchorage devices were cutting into my cheeks. The end result of all this meant that I was unable to burn oxygen efficiently and produce the energy required to lose weight. I was frustrated and miserable and told Lorna about it. I had heard of a new company doing mouth devices and the Clinician was a dental surgeon and airway specialist. Lorna encouraged me to get a referral to him.

After a thorough examination (which included a sleep study) I was diagnosed with mandibular recession and ordered a new mouth piece, which has been successful. Lorna has since been able to suggest to other clients with conditions similar to mine that they seek the advice of an airway clinician.

With these issues resolved, I was able to sleep, breathe and most importantly find the energy to power along with my weight loss program, which I now found easy to follow. Moreover, the food was really tasty, portion controlled and I found myself eating greener and leaner.

The Jenny Craig transformation has changed my life. The compassion and care shown to me by my consultant, Lorna, helped me through the long process of correcting a long-standing problem with my airways and inspired me to keep going with the program. The effect has been cumulative; I work out at the gym, the food makes me feel satisfied and full of energy, I am able to work at things like spin and pump and to work to my personal best – even doing the equivalent of 60km on the gym bikes! Because of my newfound (or newly recovered) energy, I am out on the water every chance I get as well on jet skis with my nephews.

I now have more confidence and the spring is back in my step. I know I’m looking good, such a great feeling for a woman of my age; to have a touch of the smokin’ hot goddess happening again.

My sister-in-law is gobsmacked by my weight loss journey and the level of fitness I have been able to achieve with the help of the Jenny Craig program. She has been inspired to join a local gym in her area.

To anyone struggling with their weight and feeling depressed, like I was a year ago, I can only urge you to make that call to Jenny Craig, you won’t regret it!

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