Kellie and Amy lost a life changing 57kg together and haven’t looked back!

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Meet Kellie and Amy

Centre: Salisbury, SA

Total Weight loss (combined): 57kg

Weight loss: 26kg

Weight loss: 31kg

Tell us a bit about you and what life was like before you joined Jenny Craig:

Kellie: Before joining Jenny Craig, I had tried many types of diets, diet supplements, diet pills and nothing worked. I was active, attending gym sessions weekly and working out for 30 minutes each day at home, and still no weight change. I was had resigned to the fact that I would never lose the weight.

Amy: I was fairly unhappy and fed-up with food and the whole cycle. I hadn’t have a lot of success with dieting and when I managed to lose a little weight it was very difficult and it would take one tiny temptation to throw me off and I would go back to that cycle of eating poorly. I was quite active so I simply could not understand why it was so hard for the weight to come off, let alone stay off. I never ate breakfast as it made me feel sick, I would eat a salad for lunch and I really didn’t understand portion sizes or what was considered good food to eat.

Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

Kellie: My daughter Amy and I were frustrated with weight gain over the Christmas period and were very unhappy so decided to take action. I had seen the advertisements with Mel B and she looked fantastic, as I remembered seeing her before she lost weight. I asked my daughter if she would be willing to give it a try, and she agreed.

Amy: Myself and my Mum, Kellie had spoken about our difficulties losing weight and I remember reaching the biggest weight I had ever been, over 105 and I was just reaching that completely fed up point. Mum mentioned that she had heard about Jenny Craig and at this stage we had reached the ”What else have we got to lose” stage. I don’t think our expectations were high but we were hopeful that maybe this time we would have success with weight loss.

Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

Kellie: From the first appointment to the end, it was fantastic. It was such an easy program to follow, and never felt like dieting, just eating lots of healthy food. The entire journey taught me about healthy food and right size portions and the snacks were like having treats, so I was not tempted for anything else. I was satisfied and determined to lose the weight, and I did!

Amy: It is so funny you hear so many people use the phrase ”life-changing” but honestly that really is the best way to describe it. I remember at the beginning watching it come off and the people around me took ages to notice – I kept waiting for the moment for someone to ask ”Have you lost weight?”. When it finally happened, by that stage I no longer cared because I had lost about 15kg at that point and I slowly was starting to see the change for myself. I still have to remind myself at times that this is my body now. I learned how my body works more in terms of food, that I may cycle and go up and down, because that is what my body does and that is OK.

Do you have any favourite items from the Jenny Craig menu?

Kellie: There were many and I loved that you could swap out food items so you could always have food that you liked. My favourite foods were chocolate cheesecake, chicken parmigiana, sausage roll and pancakes.

Amy: Yes! So many foods on this plan were enjoyable and it is difficult to select specific things. I really enjoyed the Waffles on the breakfast menu, Beef Sausage Roll and Ham and the Cheese Toastie are great lunch items (also enjoyed having the toastie for Breakfast on a cold days). Beef Burrito, Chicken Satay and Beef Lasagne were some of my favorite dinners. My partner would sometimes steal mouthfuls of my Mexican-Style Slow Cooked Pork, so I bet you can guess his favorite. It is really easy to pick something enjoyable from the menu plan, there is a lot of variety.

Tell us me about your Jenny Craig Consultant?

Kellie: Sally was always positive, a great motivator, very knowledgeable and very helpful when it was time for maintenance and converting the menu to meals I could make myself. Also, when I had to swap out food if going out for lunch or dinner, she explained how serves and portions converted so that I would continue to maintain my weight once I reached my goal.

Amy: Kathy is an incredible source of support. I love her approach and she never made feel bad if my body had a ”bad week” and would remind me how well I had been going on this journey.

How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

Kellie: Amazing and very healthy, it has been easy maintaining my goal weight. I now eat delicious, healthy food.

Amy: I feel like I am in a great place now, that the weight is gone and I know I can keep it off. I know when I can treat myself but in a more practical way which isn’t going to cause me to stack on the weight again in the future. I feel more confident in the way I look and I feel healthier.

Do you have a standout moment on the Jenny Craig program you’d like to share?

Kellie: After the first four weeks and losing almost 5kg on the Rapid Results program and after prior experience of not having any success on other diets, I knew I would be successful. I was finally onto a winner.

Amy: There have been many little moments but I guess that first weight loss after being on Jenny Craig for a week was a standout moment for me. I remember feeling so confused as I felt like I was eating quite a lot in that week and to still lose weight was mind blowing. It was in that moment when the weight come off that first time that I could believe that it could come off for real. That if it could come off this week, then it will come off the next week too.

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