Meet Jules Robinson, our new Ambassador

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Tell us about yourself Jules

I am a wife, a mother, a purpose driven entrepreneur and having full integrity is always the fore front of my mind in all that I do. I am a lover of life, love, myself, laughter, good people and will forever think I’m 21 years old! I’m a believer in destiny, trusting the timings of your life and believing that anything is possible.

How do you feel being the new ambassador for Jenny Craig?

I am so excited to be the new ambassador for Jenny Craig; it couldn’t come at a more perfect time in my life! I’m a huge advocate for self-acceptance, self-love, and embracing your body, and I did just that through postpartum, embraced the changes of my body, and was patient with the quest of coming back to me, but being a busy working Mum It felt so hard to push the go button on myself again , I’m sure so many can relate to that feeling. It can feel easier to just focus all your energy you have on the people around you. Jenny Craig has helped so much. It is so perfect for me at this stage in my life. because it’s so easy, convenient and the support is there, I look forward to sharing every step of the way and inspiring other women to push go on themselves and achieve their health goals and to be proud of themselves no matter what stage they are at.

I honestly just needed a little bit of help and Jenny Craig have been just that, being the first in Australia to try the Recharge Bar was super exciting, because of its success in America I knew I could achieve great results. I can honestly say doing this new program has changed my relationship and habits that I had creating around food and eating.

What are you wanting to get out of your weight loss journey?

Whilst I was pregnant, I gained nearly 20kg which is completely normal, and then after having my son my weight somehow crept up to what it was when I gave birth. Another normal stage of postpartum, becoming a mum your attention is on your child and I feel so many women’s personal health goals get put on the back burner. I look forward to getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and doing it all again but having a completely different pregnancy next time, no matter what the circumstances of Covid and lockdown, keeping up my health and regime is really important. Feeling healthy and strong is the ultimate goal always. Pregnancy or not, I want a healthy weight and sustain for the rest of my life. It is really important to me to have the energy for myself and my family. An added bonus would be fitting into all of my beautiful clothes again that I have!

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