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Centre: Bendigo, QLD
Weight Loss: 30kg
Time: 18 months

I needed to lose weight and came to Jenny Craig to help me on the journey ahead. Initially I was on the Jenny Craig program 7 days a week, then 5. I use the program in a flexible way according to the week I have ahead of me now. Now I am able to increase my physical activity, too and and walking a lot more.

The key success factor on the program for me was the food. The meals are delicious and varied and I didn’t feel hungry! The results were rapid. My sugar levels became normal and I stopped taking medication for diabetes. I managed to halve my blood pressure medication as my blood sugar is now under control. I felt supported and encouraged all the way by my consultant and staff at the Jenny Craig centre in Bendigo.

My consultant Carol supported me each week with encouragement to continue and congratulated me on a job well done! Over the past few years we have developed a relationship based on trust. Carol has passed on recipe tips to add interest to my meals and also healthy habits and routines to establish.

I would tell everyone who asked me about my experience that weight loss is not easy but you don’t have to do it alone. Jenny Craig make it easier than doing it on your own. Results are evident right from the start and if you stick to the program it works! The staff are wonderful and a new life is waiting just around the corner for you. Start now!

Now that I have achieved my goal weight I feel fantastic! I feel like I have a life. my health was my first priority and I have regained my energy and a joy for life. When I turned sixty, I made a pact with myself: I would take every opportunity that came my way (providing it appealed to me). And opportunities have certainly presented themselves; from holidays swimming in Fiji and Byron Bay to starting a new work venture based in the fashion industry. I also have more time for my family and have a better family / work balance. I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes and a future that is exciting.

I will always have to watch my weight, but I know that with the Jenny Craig program, I will be able to maintain the weight that i have lost.

Thank You Jenny Craig.

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