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Centre: Ringwood, VIC
Weight Loss: 20.3kg
Time: 5 Months

I had lost a lot of weight before, and then put it all back on plus 8kgs, in 6 years! My marriage failed, my Son was a handful as a teenager and got into a lot of trouble, my Mum came to live with me, and I was everybody’s ‘punching bag’! I have PCOS, so losing weight is really hard and putting it on is super easy.

Last year, even though I have been blessed to find love again and he never said a word about my weight, I found myself unhappy and totally miserable with the way I looked and felt! Nothing in my wardrobe fit- all my beautiful clothes hanging there, and I couldn’t wear any of it!

In a nutshell, I was unfit and absolutely not the best me I could be!

I was dealing with a lot of stress with my business, my mum, my son and my ex-husband. I had already called my Personal Trainer, who trained me when I lost the weight last time (how embarrassing!) and I saw an ad on TV for Jenny Craig, as I was sitting very sad on the couch.

I decided there and then that I had already decided to start training again, however, perhaps taking the stress out of menu planning, shopping, cooking would help me at least get the process going. I also wanted to find a way to not only lose the weight, but to keep it off this time.

Well it has worked for me, that’s for sure! I’ve absolutely loved the food, I’ve found plenty of wonderful meals and snacks to enjoy! The breakfasts are what I enjoy most, as I never ate breakfast, and I think I will stay on them forever!

I think it’s fantastic that you have to make your own salads every day. I make up 3 days at a time, so if I’m busy or short of time, I know my salad is already sitting in the fridge and I don’t reach for something unhealthy! That teaches you good habits, for when you do go off the program. The literature has been very helpful and inspiring, and I now look online at the menus of Restaurants we are going to, before getting there, to see what I can and can’t eat. I often eat before going to certain functions to make sure I don’t get off track.

Honestly, I’ve never eaten so much food in my life and I’ve consistently lost weight every week! I’ve also not exercised as much as I did last time and had amazing success! I realise now that it really is what you put in your mouth! You can exercise until the cows come home, however, if you are putting the wrong things in your mouth, and your portion sizes are not right, you will never lose weight!

I’ve really loved having my Consultant to be accountable to each week, and will continue to weigh in weekly for a while, even though I’m in my 3rd week of transition.

Di has been very encouraging, and I think really surprised at how quickly I’ve lost all this weight, especially, that I’ve lost each and every week, bar 2, and lost 2.1 kilos over the Christmas week!

I really have taken this seriously! She talked about making a plan each week, and was very impressed that I wrote everything down. My Menus were covered in writing!

I would not be sitting, typing this with a smile on my face without the Jenny Craig program, that is for certain!

I feel FABULOUS! I am fit, happy, and strong – not just physically, but mentally! I can cope, I am calm and most importantly, I am determined to keep this weight off forever! Actually even more importantly, I AM SEXY AGAIN!!!!

When I joined Jenny Craig I signed up for a 5 year plan, to make sure that I never let my weight get out of hand again, and I am committed to ensuring that I never do!

Thanks Jenny Craig, thanks Di, thanks Sue (my Personal Trainer), and thanks to my gorgeous man, who when I said that I had signed up for Jenny Craig, and that I would be eating at 6pm and he could cook his own dinner when he felt like eating (usually at 8pm or later), he said, ‘you have to get back to Number 1’, pointing at my chest!

I have done that, and I could not be happier!

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