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Centre: Bondi, NSW
Weight Loss: 12.5kg
Time: NA

I’d battled with my weight for years. Trying this diet and that diet, and each time, my weight sometimes dropped and then would increase again, eventually giving up.

I tried the gym in the past and soon lost interest in that too. I was told that losing weight was 80% food and 20% exercise and I tried to create a regime on that basis, and eventually ditched that too.

I tried the shakes and became so tired cranky and hungry I couldn’t continue. Another fail. I become a believer in that the body I had WAS it.

Time passed then one day I remember while sitting on my bed putting on my shoes, I realised that I was so uncomfortable in this simple task, I had to do something. I felt embarrassed and had no one to blame but me. I decided to speak with Jenny Craig to ask a few questions, as I initially felt that it was for females but soon realised that men could comfortably start the program without any problems what so ever.

My initial weight was around 93 kilos and being NOT TALL I really looked overweight 🙁 Angela and the team explained all about portion control and kilojoules on the menu and how easy it was to start and see and feel results.

It’s not all about looks and clothes and looking better, it’s about the health benefits too, additional weight affects your health big time – your joints and more.

For me I didn’t have to worry about what to buy what to cook or what to eat, it was all done for me. For alot of busy people, skipping breakfast, maybe grabbing something small to eat and really NOT eating a lot can often be the reason you can’t lose weight, because the body goes into starvation mode, and so you can’t lose weight. I told people I was on Jenny Craig (maybe looking for support!!) and it’s amazing how many people said that I didn’t need it, and to just eat normal. Stay away from bread and go to the gym all these people were trim!!!

The program allows you to eat 3 meals a day along with 3 snacks a day to which you add some fruit, dairy, veggies and other items most importantly – all the planning is done in the menu, and that changes each week too And yes there ARE tasty deserts on the menu too.

Personally I remember I’d wake up and and think about WHAT will I have for breakfast – I’ll skip that – I’ll lose weight or what to have for lunch??? and eventually when I get home from work – the big question ‘What will I have for dinner?”

It’s easy to opt for a quick pasta or take away or Uber eats but eventually the weight creeps on (as we all know) and you feel horrible and disappointed about the person you have become.

The fact that you have the food already there at home, all menu planned, packed and organised is a saving grace, because all the thinking about WHAT to eat is all taken care of. Worry = Gone, I didn’t have to think about it at all.

The food choice is good, variety is good and they’re always adding new items. You have to remember that it IS an education program, it’s teaches you to eat what the body needs and not what the body wants.

Some times I do crave certain foods and amounts and Angela has taught me how to deal with all that and it’s quite easy to be on a program and still lose weight. Even eating out at restaurants is doable!

You don’t have to become a gym junkie, but you do need to do some exercise, and for me walking is the secret and water is essential too.

I started at around 93 kilos and I’m down to 79 kilos now and well on the way to my target weight.

I was over weight.

I’ve lost weight.

I’m losing weight.

I chose Jenny Craig.

And I’m glad I did.

Thanks Angela and Jenny Craig

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