Meet Donna Now

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Penrith, NSW

Weight loss: 23kg

Time: 22 weeks

What was life like before Jenny Craig?

It was even difficult just to bend down to put my shoes on. It was horrible, I wouldn’t like to live life like that again. I felt depressed when I tried on clothes and I couldn’t get the zippers up. I felt embarrassed and I didn’t want anyone to see me. I didn’t even want to go out with friends because I didn’t want to be in any photos. But now, I just feel different about myself. I feel confident. I actually love being me. I’ve never felt like that.

What is the Jenny Craig food like?

The food is very impressive, how much food and how many snacks you could eat because obviously before I wouldn’t eat that often so it was rather large meals but at Jenny Craig they do teach you about portions and you can eat up to 6 times a day. The variety and the options available to you is great and it is really convenient just because with my busy lifestyle, having to work pretty much every day and being on call, the muesli bars as well as the quick heat up meals, it’s actually fantastic!

What did you like about Jenny Craig?

The convenience of the food. I’d put my little program on the fridge and I’d get excited going to the fridge and looking at what I was having, like what snack or meal, for the next hour or two.

It fitted in perfectly into my lifestyle because I’d just get everything out of the freezer, out of the fridge, take it to work and I could just heat it up. It was so quick and easy. I feel like I eat more on Jenny than I did before when I was putting on the weight. Jenny Craig is fantastic and I love it.

You got your Husband onto Jenny Craig, how did that happen?

When I reached half way of my weight loss, my husband could see the results, we were just sitting down and he just said he wishes he could do something and I said ‘what do you mean, you wish you could do something about it? You need to do something about it if you want to. Go do it’. He has lost 12 kilos in 10 weeks. People comment when we are out because we have both lost weight and we are both looking better!

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