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Centre: Moonee ponds, VIC
Weight Loss: 56kg
Time: 12 Months

Before my weight loss life was harder, stairs were harder, walking was harder and people were much harder on me. I was always known as the big guy at work, my appearance wasn’t of a typical plumber (which is nothing like the movies). I always had to prove myself by working extra hard for people to see what I was truly capable of. Shopping was never fun, there was always the struggle to find my size or even attempt to get the shop assistants to give me the time of day. I was put into a stereotypical box that really doesn’t exist purely based on my appearance. People assumed I wasn’t capable of doing a lot of things that I could do and didn’t truly see me for who I was.

While on a trip in Bali with my girlfriend I struggled to find any clothes that were my size, along with all the Balinese shop owners shouting out at me “Hey big boy, come on in, we got big size for you!” I was really struggling with my appearance, when I got home from the trip I was carrying a bit of extra Holiday weight, I looked in the mirror and thought “holy crap!”

That was the moment that I knew something had to be done, along with knowing that one of my best friend’s wedding was coming up and I wanted to look good as a groomsman. I had tried it all before, the fad diets that consist of shakes, pills and even trying to do it myself and none of it worked. I had enough. At this time my dad had heard an advertisement on the radio and told me he was going to be joining the Jenny Craig program, he then convinced me to join with him and do it as a team. This was the best decision I have ever made.

From the moment I walked through the door at Jenny Craig at the Moonee Ponds store with dad I had a good feeling about this. We were greeted with a lovely smile from Tammy, the Centre Leader who went over the fundamentals of the program which made me feel more confident about my decision to join. She then introduced us to Steph, who is my Consultant. Steph has been an amazing support base, she has encouraged me 100% of the way and has always made me feel good about myself even when I haven’t achieved the results I wanted for the week. Over the 11 months I have been on the program I have created a strong client relationship with Steph and she has given the encouragement that I need. Along with Steph, all the other Consultants at Moonee Ponds have been such an amazing support, I can go in and have a laugh with all the girls. The food is so much better than I thought it would be and the menu is well set out and fills my needs! I have now found myself to be a lot fitter, going to the gym six days a week and rock climbing twice a week.

Fan-friggen-tastic! I have created a new life for myself! I have never been this skinny or fit in my life and it’s a permanent change! While I’m not quite where I want to be just yet I’m still feeling good about myself! I look at old photos of myself and I can’t believe it’s the same person!! I also feel proud to know that I have also inspired other people to join the program, including my girlfriend and some of my closest friends who have also achieved amazing results!

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