Jason has more confidence since reaching his goal weight

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Christchurch, NZ

Weight Loss: 25kg

Tell us a bit about you and what life was like before you joined Jenny Craig?

I’m quite an outgoing person, however found my confidence was affected by my weight , I was tired all the time, my doctor said I was close to being diabetic, so it was affecting my health a little. Also, the little things, I hated shopping and trying on clothes, seeing myself in the mirror and being in photos. Basically, I didn’t feel like me and I didn’t know what to do.

Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

Easy – to my surprise. I liked the accountability and support with changing my eating habits and I liked that doing the program did not make you dependant on the program long term. Basically, week to week seeing the kgs drop. I think I only had 1 week where there was a small gain. However, learning how to keep it off was the big thing for me.

Tell us more about your Jenny Craig Consultant:

Ronel was great. She was honest and I felt like she enjoyed being on my journey with me more than I did taking it.

How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

More energy, confident, love shopping for clothes now! Also, it is great seeing people that I hadn’t for a while and they notice straight away.

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