Ivo lost 34kg with Jenny Craig!

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Centre: Morley, WA

Weight loss: 34kg

What made you decide to start your weight loss journey?

Before Jenny Craig I was feeling lethargic, didn’t go out that much and was a bit of a hermit at home. I decided to do Jenny Craig because I knew it was time that I needed to lose some weight, and to really get out there and enjoy my lifestyle.

The moment that made me want to join Jenny Craig was definitely seeing my face in the mirror at the hairdressers and realizing how much weight I’d put on. I knew that Jenny Craig would be the best way forward, because I know the food is quite good, I know that it’s healthy, enjoyable and so convenient.

Tell us about your experience on Jenny Craig

I live 600 kilometers away from my nearest centre. I checked in every week with my Coach, it was great to still be able to have that consultation over the phone, and being able to become accountable, but also get the advice that I need on the phone whenever I needed it.
The Coach means quite a lot because you actually are accountable to somebody on the phone. knowing that I had those check ins regularly, really inspired me to make sure that I did the work that I needed to do. Knowing that they were there for me, knowing that in regards to meal preparation, or in regards to my menu, I was able to ask them any questions that I wanted.

Living in regional Western Australia, I thought it would be a hassle going to get my food but I was able to get my food was delivered to me every week, which was, one convenient and two, really made it easy for me to plan my meals. I had two weeks of Jenny Craig food delivered each time, which was great.

How have your friends, or family, or even work colleagues reacted to you losing the weight?

To see the actual difference in yourself and to see how other people see you and give you that confidence that you do need is great. The reactions that I was getting from people while I was on Jenny Craig was amazing. A lot of people asking me what I was doing, and just saying the difference that it made to my face. My work colleagues, my friends, have all just found it an inspiration They’ve really just thought it was amazing the way that the transformation of going from the weight that I was to where I am now.

What would you say is the best thing about being on Jenny Craig?

The best thing about being on Jenny Craig is definitely the convenience and the taste of the food. My favorite meal is the Tikka masala, any my favourite from the snacks it is the white chocolate cookie.

Tell us about life today now that you’ve reached your goal.

Oh, my life now is absolutely fantastic. I’m able to go out. I’m much more social, playing all the sports that I wanted to. I’ve even been able to do a couple of triathlons! I’ve started playing soccer at the age of 42, running around against those 16- and 17-year-olds, and still scoring goals.

I would never have been able to do a triathlon without Jenny Craig. Before Jenny Craig I found that even walking upstairs, I would get out of breath. So, to come from that, to now planning even to do a marathon is quite amazing. It’s just the greatest feeling!

If I was going to give some advice to someone in regards to Jenny Craig, just to it, believe in yourself, you can do it, you can get there, and it’s so convenient.

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