Hannah Ferrier Check In

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What motivated you to start this journey? Did you have an ‘aha’ moment when you decided to partner with Jenny Craig?  

I definitely had a moment of realisation and that was when I had my first fitting for my wedding dress and just realised I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be to walk down the aisle. I had a bit of a freak-out and decided now was the time I wanted to lose weight, so that’s where Jenny Craig came in.

Were you working towards a specific goal for your wedding as part of your journey?

My biggest goal was to fit into my wedding dress and I felt amazing on my wedding day! It was so good to feel confident and sexy again and even though I wasn’t at my goal weight I had lost a ton of weight and I was feeling great.

What benefits beyond the number on the scales have you experienced on your Jenny journey so far?

I would say the biggest change I have seen aside from the scales so far is my confidence! It feels amazing to be comfortable and happy in my body again and I feel like I have more energy on a day-to-day basis.

How have you found having a coach to support you on your journey?

My coach has been a game changer! Caroline has been so supportive and just knowing I am being held accountable has been a massive thing for me! When you’re on a weight loss journey, even if it is just a little bit per week, that sense of accomplishment each week, really spurs you on.  I recently had a trip to LA and managed to pop into the West Hollywood centre where they stocked me up on their delicious meals and I got to meet the amazing team there!

What are your favourites from the menu?

I love the Pad Thai and the Beef burger! I never thought I would be able to eat those things!

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