Giorgie had so many vegetarian options to choose from!

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Centre: Cheltenham, VIC
Weight loss: 15.5kg
Dietary Requirements: Vegetarian


Tell us a little bit about you.

My name’s Giorgie, I’m married and I have a stepdaughter.  I run a dog rescue on weekends and after hours and spend my week days working in admin. I turned 50 last year and that was my big contributing factor to start Jenny Craig. I wanted to be 50 and fabulous and it was really important for me to feel good in that year because it was a big turning point in my life!

I had planned a holiday for my 50th and it was going to be on a boat with 6 of my besties and I didn’t want it to be all about what was going on in my head, about how I felt I looked, I wanted to be able to just enjoy the holiday for what it was, and I did!


What was your first visit to a Jenny Craig Consultant like?

I was really scared of failing, I was scared of succeeding. I think I was scared of everything at the same time. But my Consultant put my mind at ease, she took me through what was
going to happen and made it all seem so easy.All of the girls at the centre made me feel really welcome because they all know what we are going through… it’s really important to
know that once you step into your centre everything changes, with the help of your Consultant all of your fears go away, so it’s fantastic.


Why is having a Consultant so important?

My Consultant on the journey was so important because to me because she kept me motivated! She was someone to check in with and it was someone for me to look forward to seeing every week. The accountability my Consultant gave me was really important, it makes such a difference to your weight loss journey. Your Consultant really is your sort of your secret weapon in a sense because
she’s there to help you but also, I was always trying to impress her and show her the hard work I’ve done all week and so checking in with her once a week was awesome, I loved it.
loved it.


What were the lessons you learnt from your consultant?

The main lesson I learnt from my Consultant was if something didn’t go right on a certain day, start fresh every single day as there is always an opportunity to continue to make some right choices. Portion control was another really important lesson for me, as well as learning what I could eat. Because when you were out there on your own and your Consultant isn’t next to you, you have to make those choices so the fact that I felt confident in making the right decisions really made a difference to me.


How much weight did you lose on Jenny Craig?

On the Jenny Craig program I lost 15 and a half kilos in 15 weeks. The weight literally felt like it fell off! It was so easy and convenient.


What is life like now? After reaching your goal weight?

My life today is a lot happier, and a lot easier…I don’t have to hold my breath to tie my shoes, that was a big deal. I love going shopping and picking something off the rack and it’s fabulous now. I also have so much more energy, I’m happier, I feel great!


Does Jenny Craig work?

Absolutely 100%! I’ve had so many people at work, from week-to week say to me ‘You’re disappearing’, ‘What’s going on?’, ‘What are you doing?’And I was quite happy to tell everyone that I was on Jenny Craig. I was so proud of what I was doing and it was so simple, I wanted people to learn how easy it was and to help them get through their journey themselves and as a result a couple of my friends ended up going on Jenny Craig.


What did you think of the food?

I have a very busy lifestyle, so the food was great. It was very tasty, easy, convenient and it was fresh as well. I loved the idea that I could add in any additional fresh ingredients that I wanted as well. Free foods made the whole experience more appealing in a sense that I didn’t feel like I was just having pre-packaged foods all the time and I was contributing to my meal sizes and learning about my portion control at the same time. So, it was more of an education than anything else, that’s why I enjoyed it.


As a vegetarian, did you find that there were enough options for you?

There were so many options. That was the one thing that I was worried about, that there wouldn’t be enough options and that I would get bored quickly. But there were so many vegetarian options. I had had just as many options as other people that would eat meat. There were also new things introduced all the time and you could pick and choose to swap items if you wanted to go with some favourites and that was good too because if you like something, you really want it more than once a week!


What did you like best about being on the program?

What I really like about it, is that it’s not somebody else’s life, it’s your life that you’re catering to, so every week we would go through ‘ok what’s happening this week?
‘are you going out for dinner?’, ‘are you going to any functions?’ so I could be prepared. My husband and I are very social people, and we’re out a lot and food is a big part of that. I come from an Italian family so food is everything. Social situations are always going to have food. I didn’t want my weight loss journey to be something that was going to stop me from doing socialising. It was fantastic.


How did your family react to your weight loss?

My family was pretty impressed! My husbands mind was blown and he actually, ended up coming on to Jenny Craig as well so we did it together. He was a big eater before we started on the program But Jenny Craig had plenty of food for him, he was impressed as well. He loved seeing the change in me, our activity level went up, we just did a lot more together as well and my stepdaughter thought it was awesome. She was complimenting me, which was really lovely, and she saw the difference in my attitude and everything about how I felt about myself as well.


What inspired you to share your story??

I’m all about promoting goodness with other people and this process was so good! I would hate to think that people are sitting at home thinking they can’t do it. It is a really simple process and I want other people to know that. It’s really important to pass on information, pass on wisdom to other people, especially if they feel like they’re on their own. It really is easy, just take that step because it’s simple and once you do your life will change. It’s that simple.

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