Chantelle is done with fad dieting

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Castle Hill
Current weight loss: 12.7kg


Tell us a bit about you and what life was like before you joined Jenny Craig:

Ever since I can remember I have been unhappy with my weight. I have tried almost every possible weight loss program or fad diet you can name. After the birth of my second child, I knew I had to finally lose the excess kilos from a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits. I wanted to be a healthy role model for my two girls and make sure that they never endured the self-loathing that I have experienced over the years.


Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

I decided to join Jenny Craig because my sister had successfully lost weight on the Jenny Craig program and suggested I give it a go.


Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

As a breastfeeding mum, I was worried a change in diet could affect my milk supply however, I am in complete awe of how well I have done to lose weight each week and still maintain a full, healthy milk supply for my now 7-month-old. I have struggled my entire life to keep to any weight loss program I’d try but the Jenny Craig program has enabled me to finally take control of my eating habits in a healthy way. The food is amazing and I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. I am still able to enjoy foods such as pasta, crumbed chicken, pudding and chips whilst losing weight. The program has taught me so much about portion control and what my body needs to lose weight without missing out on the foods I enjoy eating.


Do you have any favourite items from the Jenny Craig menu?

I can honestly say I enjoy the entire menu but my absolute favourites have to be; zucchini and corn muffin for breakfast, spinach and feta roll for lunch, chicken fettuccine for dinner and the choc chip bites for a snack.


Tell us me about your Jenny Craig Consultant?

Karen is one of my most favourite people on this planet. She is so kind, funny and insightful on healthy weight loss. She has been such a great motivator to me to keep positive and remind myself of why I am doing this (my girls). I get excited each week to see her ALWAYS smiling face and tell her all about my week. I truly consider her a friend and not just my weight loss Consultant.


How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

I feel amazing. I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I love the extra energy I now have to run around and play with my daughters. I feel proud to be seen in public and I don’t shy away from events because of embarrassment about my weight. I still have more to lose on my weight loss journey but my new found confidence from my current weight loss is an excellent motivator to keep going.


Do you have a standout moment on the Jenny Craig program you’d like to share?

My stand out moment so far was my last appointment when I stepped onto the scales and realized I was in a weight category I hadn’t been in for many years. The last time I was in this weight range it was only due to harsh dieting. I got there this time by eating delicious food and not starving myself from certain foods groups that I have done in the past. It has given me the confidence that even after I finish the program I will be able to maintain a healthy weight all while still enjoying all the food groups.

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