Alex lost 28kg with Jenny Craig!

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Centre: Frankston

Weight loss: 28kg

Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

I joined Jenny Craig, because I needed a circuit breaker. I had put on a lot of weight and I needed to do something that I knew worked. I’ve tried so many weight loss diets and programs in the past. I had boiled my chicken and broccoli and weighed my food but it just wasn’t sustainable. It didn’t work for me, which is why I decided to try Jenny Craig.

My sister was on Jenny Craig after she had her first child and I saw that it worked for her. So, I thought, “Perfect. I’m going to give it a go.” I did and it worked.

What was life like before you joined Jenny Craig?

Before Jenny Craig. I was on the road a lot for my job and I fell into bad habits. It was very much eating on the go, not thinking about what I was putting into my body and not eating in a way that is good for you. I had a moment where I saw myself on TV and I’d seen photos of myself and I didn’t realize I’d let myself get to that point. So, I picked up the phone and called Jenny Craig and made an appointment to meet a Personal Coach.

How would you describe your experience on Jenny Craig?

I have a really busy full-time job and it was really hard to fit in a balanced diet in between all the jobs of the day. So, being on Jenny Craig, you didn’t have to think. You would come home, take a couple of minutes to put your dinner together, and not only that, you were getting a balanced diet, which is really important as well. So, it really works well for busy schedules. If you don’t have the time to go home and cook a big meal and spend half an hour, or an hour, in the kitchen, this takes the time out and you’re getting a delicious, yummy balanced meal. The best thing about being on Jenny Craig is it takes the guesswork and the thinking out of eating healthily. You’re not cutting out any particular food groups.

What did you like best about Jenny Craig food?

What I like best about the Jenny Craig food is you have so much variety. You’re not missing out on anything. You can still have your carbs, you can still have your parmas and chips and your snack at night. You’re not cutting anything out. So, the best thing about the food is, you have variety. It tastes great, and you don’t feel like you’re eating the same thing every day.

My favorite food, hands down, was the parmigiana. I think you can’t go past a parma.

How important was your Personal Coach on the journey?

It was really important having a Personal Coach on the journey with you. It was someone who was there to motivate you and help you along and give you some advice on the days that maybe you weren’t feeling great, or the days you thought you might fall off the edge of it. They were there to reign you back in and support you along the way, as well. So, it was someone holding your hand every step of the way, which was really nice.

How would you describe the relationship that you had with your Personal Coach?

My relationship with my Personal Coach was a bit like mother and daughter. She would give me advice along the way and it was just really lovely to have someone to talk to about my journey, my health journey. My Personal Coach taught me about balance and the importance of nourishing your body. It wasn’t just about being on a diet and following the diet, she explained to me why it was really important to have a certain amount of dairy, a certain amount of vegetables and fruit, and carbs as well.

The accountability of having a Personal Coach for me, meant you couldn’t slack off on the weekends. You couldn’t just go and indulge on a big piece of cake. You knew that, when you went in on the Monday, or the day of your coaching session, that someone would be there, knowing that perhaps you didn’t stick to the diet. So, they were there to help you along the way, and my Personal Coach did, but also helped you reign it in if you had a lapse.

Tell us about what life is like, now that you’ve reached your goal weight?

Now that I’ve reached my goal weight, I’m a lot more active and a lot happier in my own skin. I don’t hide away in baggy clothes. I just feel way more comfortable in myself, and my confidence has increased a lot over that time as well. I’m able to get back up on my surf board, which is a great achievement for me. So, the little wins along the way are what make it worth it.

How have your friends or family or work colleagues reacted to your weight loss and your transformation?

When I saw my sister for the first time, I’d been on Jenny for a while and we hadn’t seen each other because of COVID, and her reaction was just, “Wow, you look so different. You’ve lost so much weight. I’m so proud of you.” All my friends and family have been really supportive and have had the same reactions as well. It’s genuinely a wow reaction from them. It felt good. It was nice to know that my hard work has paid off.

If you had one word to describe your Jenny Craig journey, what would it be?

If I could describe Jenny in one word, it would be easy. So easy. In the past it has been difficult for me, but this has shown me that it really is simple, and for me, it worked.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining Jenny Craig?

For anyone thinking about joining Jenny, just take that first step. There’s no commitment. Go in and talk to a Personal Coach. They’re really friendly. Sometimes it’s just that step that you need to take in the right direction in order to change your life.

It worked for me, it worked for my sister. I’m a lot healthier and happier on it and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone else. Just take the plunge and do it. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, it truly is, and it worked for me. Give it a go. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except for the weight.

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