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How long have you been a Jenny Craig consultant for?

I have been a Jenny Craig consultant for 5 years.

Please tell us a bit about your background:

I am just about to celebrate my 48th birthday and am a mum to four amazing boys who are all adults now. My background is many and varied, I mainly grew up in Brisbane, but also spent some time and schooling in Montreal Canada and Yorkshire in the UK and have lived in Sydney, Townsville and Tasmania. My employment career started working in retail stores selling clothing, and then I was a family day care provider looking after none other than Kevin Rudd’s lovely family. I then enjoyed quite a few years in telecommunications, tried my hand at voice announcements and radio and then realised my passion was health and fitness and became a personal trainer, specialising in mobile outdoor training. After a humbling experience with a surgery that was supposed to be overnight keyhole but involved a two week hospital stay and a 3 month recovery I decided I didn’t want to be self-employed and needed a new project for my ongoing career.

Why did you decide to become a Jenny Craig consultant?

As my normally very active life was on hold, I began looking through employment opportunities and very early on I saw the Jenny Craig ad. I didn’t know what Jenny Craig really did then, but with my passion for helping people achieve a healthy path via their lifestyle I thought that it might perhaps be a good fit and the rest is history, it’s been an amazing and very fulfilling addition to my career story.

What do you love about your job?

I absolutely love dealing with each person as an individual and sharing the secrets to help them achieve their goals and live the lives they deserve.

How do you celebrate your client’s wins?

The transformations that take place are the rewards my clients achieve, and a photo, measurements and a reflection of how far they’ve come is our celebration.

What has been your most satisfying moment as a consultant so far?

My most satisfying moment as a consultant so far has been helping my client Sally achieve 40kgs of weight loss for her 30th birthday. I can barely recognise her now and she is fit and glowing with health and maintaining her new healthy lifestyle.


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