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04 Aug 17
Weight Loss: 
9 Months

I have always struggled with my weight, bordering on the edge of overweight and obese for most of my adult life, using the excuse that I was just big-boned. I had just come to accept that I would never be a person who could run a marathon, wear a fitted dress or even pull off wearing a bikini; these things just weren’t on the cards for me. I was thought I was quite happy at the time, not knowing any better, but constantly found myself wishing that I could be my friend who was so healthy and fit that could sprint 1km on the treadmill or the one who could wear that amazing bikini, my “skinny” friend!

I had relocated from Adelaide to Melbourne for work, and perhaps indulged a little too much on the delicious food that Melbourne has to offer, and over a short period of time I realised that the clothes I had brought with me weren’t quite fitting the same. I had the opportunity to try the Jenny Craig program, and thought why not give it a go and lose the few kilos I had put on, I had nothing to lose! The first two weeks on the program really opened my eyes to the poor food choices I was making, and that by taking the time to fix these, I could actually get the weight off and improve my health. After seeing my success for the first few weeks, I set my long-term goal with my consultant, and the rest is history, the best decision and investment that I have ever made in myself.

The Jenny Craig program was (and is) truly amazing! The food is delicious and there are so many options to choose from, in fact I have had more variety being on the program than I ever had cooking for myself. Also, my consultant was my pillar of strength, she supported me throughout my weight loss journey by educating me about the program and most importantly motivating me to achieve success, I couldn’t have done it without her!

It is difficult to find the words to describe how a feel now, other than fantastic! I am happier in my everyday life, my friends and family tell me that I now just have this glow about me that I didn’t have before. I enjoy the simple things in life now, going for a walk, going shopping and catching up with friends without this nagging body image concern in the back of my mind. Now, I just feel healthy and happy, and I will never look back again now that I have gained the learnings from the program to help me maintain my goal weight. Most importantly, I can now sprint that 1km and confidently wear a bikini, just like my healthy, fit and skinny friends that I used to look up to!

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