Savoury Winter Veggies To Add To Your Menu

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Fresh-grown vegetables may be synonymous with summer—but winter’s rich, hearty offerings can be every bit as satisfying, especially when paired with your favourite Jenny Craig meals. Here are a few creative ways to add variety, flavour and flair with winter produce.

Rich in vitamin C, magnesium and fibre, cauliflower is delicious steamed or roasted with a light coating of spray oil and some garlic, thyme and smoked paprika. Its sweet, nutty flavour pairs well with many Jenny Craig dishes, including Macaroni & Cheese, Vegetable Pasta Salad and Butter Chicken.

Naturally sweet and loaded with beta carotene, fibre and antioxidants, carrots are easy to love. Roast some carrots with a light coating of spray oil and ground cumin as a delicious side to Jenny Craig’s Bangers & Mash. Feeling creative? Try this easy carrot chip recipe – it’s the perfect accompaniment to your Jenny Craig  Beef Pie.

Craving pasta, but wanting to work more veggies into your diet? Try adding zucchini! Simply prepare zucchini using a spiraliser tool, and you have a delicious substitute for or addition to, your pasta. Once prepared, toss your zucchini noodles through your Italian-style Pappardelle for a hearty and nutritious meal.

Spinach and Kale
Spinach and kale are at their peak during the winter months, and both of these cruciferous greens are rich in iron, fibre and Vitamins A and C… all essential for staying healthy during cold and flu season. Up the ante even further by wilting some spinach or kale with spray oil and crushed garlic. Add roasted tomatoes and mushrooms and you’ve got a yummy accompaniment to your Spinach Frittata – who said big breakfasts can’t be healthy?

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