Grand-Final Treats To Keep You On Track

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Footy finals are here, and while healthy living and sport go hand in hand, watching sport for some may be an excuse to overindulge in food and drinks, which is not so good for our health.

There’s no reason why your grand final celebration food can’t be exciting, delicious and healthy all at the one time. Take a look at some of our tips for putting a healthy spin on footy finals!

Pre-game snacks

  • Air popped popcorn – hold the salt and butter!
  • Jenny Craig snacks – our range of snacks includes delicious options such as Choc Chip Bites, Salted Caramel Nut Bar and Light & Tangy Veggie Crisps.
  • Creamy Beetroot Dip served with veggie sticks and Jenny Craig Oregano & Thyme Crunchies
  • Platter filled with fresh fruit – bananas, berries and mandarins are all in season now and super delicious!
  • Unsalted nuts

Healthy finger food

Bring out the barbie
Barbeques are great as it’s so easy to have an array of fresh, healthy and tasty options. If you’re not hosting the BBQ, bring a salad to share and your own lean meat options – here are our suggestions;

  • Lean steak, chicken breast skewers, lean mince burger patties, prawns or kangaroo fillet. To really up the flavour of your meat you can check out our marinade ideas below.
  • Make up a big batch of our Crispy Coleslaw to share with friends.
  • Try a fresh new salad by combining your favourite non-starchy veggies with one of our salad dressing ideas below.

Marinade inspiration

  • Lemon juice with oregano, garlic and chilli
  • Soy sauce with garlic, ginger and 2 tsp sweet chilli sauce
  • Lime juice with coriander and chilli

Sensational salad dressing ideas

  • Lime juice, chilli, garlic and coriander
  • Balsamic vinegar with fresh flat leaf parsley
  • Lime juice with fresh mint leaves
  • White wine vinegar blended with wholegrain mustard
  • Use fat free yoghurt or buttermilk mixed with fresh herbs, lemon juice and a touch of natural sweetener (if required) to create a healthy creamy dressing

Keep your drinks in check

  • When catering for yourself and others, always provide a low kilojoule, non-alcoholic drink option. Why not serve our yummy Pomegranate Punch in a decorative jug? It’s fresh and fruity and the perfect option for spring.
  • If you’re a beer drinker, go for mid strength, or why not try a shandy (½ beer, ½ soda water). If you prefer full-strength beer, have a glass of water in-between every drink.
  • If wine is your preference, try wine spritzers (½ wine, ½ soda water). There are also some great low-alcohol wines available now. Regardless of what you’re drinking, it’s always a good idea to have a glass of water (still or sparking) between drinks.
  • Or if you are drinking mixed drinks, be sure to mix the drink yourself to control the amount of alcohol and choose soda water with a splash of fresh lemon and/or lime juice (i.e. avoid soft drinks and other sweet mixers like cordial).
  • Regardless of what you drink, make sure you pace yourself. Set yourself a limit for the day and stick to it. Sit on drinks and don’t try to keep up with others.

Join the action!

  • Half time is the perfect opportunity to get up and stretch your legs, or better still get outside and have a kick of the footy yourself!
  • And don’t forget, special events should be enjoyed. With a few helpful tips and strategies, an indulgence can be enjoyed every so often without affecting your weight loss success.
  • For more information on our Jenny Craig food click here or to start your Jenny Craig journey get started here.

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