How to stay active on holiday

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Everyone deserves a break and a little ‘RnR’ from time to time. And while sitting by the pool and long day naps might be your thing, if you’re looking for something a little different and to keep your wellness momentum going, why not consider an active holiday?

Active, fitness holidays involve mixing activity with relaxation and can range from the adventurous to the gentle. So if you’re wondering how to stay fit and active on holiday, it can be as simple as adding a few elements of activity to your trip!

Either way, if you’re looking to add more activity to your break, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started!


Walking tours

If you’re travelling overseas or interstate why not look up a local walking tour?

Walking tours are a great holiday workout option! And more often than not, they’re free or require only a small donation. Bonus – you get to meet other travelers and you’ll be active without even noticing!

The other benefit is that they are often run by locals who are passionate about their city – so they’ll happily show you hidden gems you won’t find in the guidebooks.

If you’re having a staycation, why not do a walking tour in your own city? Who knows what you’ll discover?


Hiking adventure

If you’re wondering how to stay active on holiday and be at one with nature – hiking might be the option for you!

Hiking can be a great way to unwind – plus you’ll get to see some beautiful views, soak up the fresh air and get back to nature.

There are plenty of hiking tour companies to be found online and you can always ask for local hiking advice from tourist information centres.

Hikes can range from the challenging with peaks and climbs to the beginner with gentle short strolls through woodlands or along coastlines, so they’re suitable for all levels.


Snow holiday

Nothing gets the heart rate going quite like skiing or snowboarding down a mountain!

Maybe you’re more of an explorer with cross country skiing or perhaps you’re more into building snowmen and a little bit of tobogganing.

Either way, heading to the snow will provide plenty of opportunities to mix up relaxing massages at your resort with an active holiday workout (and a bit of fun!)


Yoga escape

Yoga fitness holidays can offer the ultimate relaxation while staying active.

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and many yoga retreats offer other wellness benefits such as meditation, connecting with nature and the chance to totally disconnect from your busy day-to-day.

A trending active holiday option of 2019, there are many destinations you can visit to give this a go – from Thailand to India, your zen fitness trip awaits you!


Camping getaway

A holiday workout for the whole family can be as simple as pitching a tent!

Whether you’re the type of camper who likes to go off the beaten track or you’re more into camping at a holiday park, pitching a tent will help keep you active.

Camping can be a great and affordable holiday for families or groups of friends. Don’t forget to pack the cricket bat and ball, walking shoes or tennis rackets to keep you busy.



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