4 holiday packing tips: your holiday checklist

By author photo Megan Blandford


It’s almost time to go! What’s on the holiday checklist? Have you packed the toothpaste? How about clean socks? Just pack all five jumpers!


Sound familiar?


While a vacation shouldn’t increase your stress levels, the truth is that checking the holiday packing list last minute can do just that. Here’s our holiday packing tips for making it easier.


How many outfits to pack

How do you pack enough, but not too much?

A good way to find the balance is to make a holiday checklist by planning your outfits for each day of your holiday. By now you would have an idea of what activities you’ll be doing on your holiday so use this to help you plan! Lay them out on the bed and give yourself the challenge of incorporating each piece of clothing into at least a couple of outfits. You can even go as far as taking a quick snap on your phone of your outfit options so you don’t get stressed as you’re getting ready each morning.


Avoid the toiletries panic

Toiletries are the ultimate last-minute packing nightmare, but there are a couple of holiday packing tips to avoid it being a stress on the morning you leave:

  • Write a holiday packing list of the toiletries each person needs and leave it in the bathroom or beside the suitcases
  • Double check the holiday checklist against what’s on hand and create a shopping list for your next supermarket trip
  • Remember that anything you forget can be bought while you’re on holidays – so don’t panic if you forget something! You can buy toothpaste on your trip.


Double-check the kids’ packing

Kids are notorious for packing weird combinations of things, usually less necessary items and way too many toys.

Work with them to make a holiday packing list, they will likely want to be involved in the process and this way you can have more control over what makes it on the holiday. And remember it’s always a good idea to double check what’s landed in their suitcases before you go.


What to take on the plane

It can be useful to make a holiday checklist for a few activities to keep each member of your family happy on the plane. You’ll also need to consider those comfort items; will you need a sleep mask and pillow? Perhaps a change of clothes and travel toothbrush depending on the length of your journey. And don’t forget to check the kids’ plane bags to make sure they don’t contain banned items like sharps, too much liquid or aerosols.


When the holiday packing is taken care of, you’re ready to enjoy those vacation vibes!

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