Win a Wardrobe Refresh with Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig is giving members the chance to win one of five wardrobe refreshes, valued at $1000 each. The promotion lasts for 12 weeks, For each additional weekly purchase during the promotion period, simply complete a new entry to show your dedication to your weight loss journey! But you’ve got to be in it to win it!

How do clothes make you feel?

Clothing and fashion can be a great way to showcase our personalities, creativity, and individuality. But for people who aren’t happy with their bodies, clothes can be a source of stress. They might wonder…

Where can I find clothes that fit?
What looks good on my bigger frame?
How can I hide the parts of my body that I don’t like?

One great benefit of embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey is getting the chance to refresh your wardrobe and choose clothes that reflect how you feel. When you stick to a Jenny Craig meal plan and become more active, your relationship with clothing may change.

The longer you commit to making healthy lifestyle changes, and the harder you work, the nearer you will be to that dream wardrobe. But we know that a wardrtobe refresh isn’t cheap. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to win a wardrobe refresh.

Tell us why you want to win your dream shopping spree

For every entry, you’ll need to tell us what wardrobe item you would splurge on if you were to win!

So, how does a new wardrobe fit in with your healthy lifestyle goals?

Many people want to lose weight so they can fit into a favourite dress, a pair of jeans, or to shop at a wider variety of shops. You might be hanging on to an item of clothing that reminds you of a time in your life when you were healthier and happier. You might have a special occasion to look forward to, like a wedding or graduation, when you want to look your best. Many people would like the option of shopping at any store not just Plus-size clothing stores..

What item would you choose to splurge on to give yourself a a wardrobe refresh?

Entries will be judged according to the most creative and inspiring answers, as well as your commitment to the Jenny Craig program and lifestyle.

What you can look forward to

At Jenny Craig we see real results from real people. The proof is in the (results! Here’s what a few Jenny Craig members have said about their changing bodies and changing wardrobes:

“Being able to wear whatever I want, is hands down the best” – Rachael, Mildura, Vic

“Clothes shopping is now enjoyable instead of torture” – Jane, Hamilton, NZ

“It’s great that I can now wear clothes from any menswear shop, not just the super-size places.” – Stephen, Strathpine, Qld

“I am now shopping for a new wardrobe with styles I have previously never been confident enough to wear.” – Jane, Bundaberg, Qld


Check out our Win a New Wardrobe competition here!

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