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We’re excited to announce the launch of our Rapid Results MAX weight loss plan. Rapid Results MAX is a ground-breaking, science-based weight loss plan that leverages intermittent fasting and the science of circadian rhythm, and is an expansion of the current program you know and love.

Rapid Results MAX is based on nutrition research (2017 Nobel Prize-winning science!) that says it’s not just what and how much you eat, but when you eat, that affects how effective you are in achieving your weight loss goal. We’ve created a new menu that matches the best times of day to consume kilojoules. This is why we’re excited to announce Rapid Results MAX by Jenny Craig, where you can lose an average of 6kg in your first 4 weeks.*

What Is Rapid Results MAX?

Rapid Results MAX is a science-based addition to the Jenny Craig program. Members who have completed Rapid Results MAX lost an average of 6kg in the first 4 weeks* on the plan!

The MAX weight loss plan makes it easy to maximize your weight loss and health goals. Your metabolism follows a daily pattern, and because of this, morning to mid-afternoon is the most effective time to burn food kilojoules. We provide a personalised weekly menu plan for you, which includes our delicious, dietitian-designed meals and our revolutionary Recharge Bar, so you’ll know exactly what and when to eat.

With Rapid Results MAX, every member receives comprehensive support from a weight loss Consultant, as well as the delicious Jenny Craig food and the innovative Recharge Bar.

How Does It Work?

Recent studies have shown that each cell of our body contains biological clocks that follow a unique daily pattern, called a circadian rhythm. The 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three American scientists who discovered the circadian rhythm gene. From this research, we’ve learned that our internal network of body clocks dictates when to sleep, wake and eat.

By following this natural daily rhythm we can take advantage of our metabolism and ability to burn kilojoules when it’s most effective. The Rapid Results MAX plan works with your natural body clocks to provide a period of nourishment when you need it and can burn the food fuel most effectively, and then a period of rejuvenation when your body can rest and regroup. When your body goes into rejuvenation mode, your body’s cells aren’t distracted by metabolising food. Instead, they get a break to “clean house” and regenerate and repair.

How is Rapid Results MAX different from the classic Jenny Craig program?

The three main differences with this intermittent fasting-based program are that it prioritises when you:

• Rest. This lets your body reset. During the 14-hour rejuvenation (rest period), you’ll take a break from consuming food and drinks with energy (kilojoules).

• Recharge. It’s time to eat smart. Enjoy our revolutionary Recharge Bar, specially formulated to be high in fat and support your 14-hour rejuvenation period. Then, nourish your body for the remaining 10 hour eating period with Jenny Craig’s dietitian-designed meals and nutritionally balanced menu plan.

• Repeat. Stick to your routine and take your results to the MAX! Connect with your personal weight loss consultant weekly for success strategies and personalised feedback. Coaching combined with our nutritionally balanced menu is a proven way to lose 3-times more weight than when dieting on your own.**

With MAX, it’s so easy: you get the support you need, your food is taken care of, and you get the new revolutionary Recharge bar, so you can max up your results! We’re excited to offer this enhanced program, which is available now.

**JAMA. 2010 Oct 27;304(16):1803-10

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On Rapid Results Max, Members lost an average of 6 kgs in the first 4 weeks!#