What to do if you’ve had a lapse

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As you would know from your Consultant, sticking to your program is the best way to reach your goal. But what happens if you have a lapse? Maybe you didn’t follow your plan, you missed a walk or let negative self-talk drive your day. Don’t worry, lapses happen and are completely normal. How you respond will determine the impact.

Follow this 4 step plan to get back on track quickly:

1. Forgive yourself: The slip will not affect your weight loss if you get back on track now.

2. Analyse the situation and your response: Speak to your Consultant about what happened, how you felt and how you responded.

3. Plan your strategy: When faced with the situation again, what will you do differently?

4. Summarise and rehearse your plan: Discuss your plan with your Consultant and rehearse with them.

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