What to do if you’ve had a lapse

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


As you would know from your Consultant, sticking to your program is the best way to reach your goal. But what happens if you have a lapse? Maybe you didn’t follow your plan, you missed a walk or let negative self-talk drive your day. Don’t worry, lapses happen and are completely normal. How you respond will determine the impact.

Follow this 4 step plan to get back on track quickly:

1. Forgive yourself: The slip will not affect your weight loss if you get back on track now.

2. Analyse the situation and your response: Speak to your Consultant about what happened, how you felt and how you responded.

3. Plan your strategy: When faced with the situation again, what will you do differently?

4. Summarise and rehearse your plan: Discuss your plan with your Consultant and rehearse with them.

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