Top Tips for Maintaining your Weight

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With great achievements, lie new challenges. Reaching your goal weight will be a great success, but it won’t be the end of your journey. Maintaining your weight in the long term can be easier if you have the right tools and support to help you create healthy habits. Research suggests, maintaining your weight gets easier over time; with each year you keep the weight off, you are more likely to keep it off the following year!

Here at Jenny Craig, we not only help you to lose the weight, our Coaches can teach you how to keep it off for long term weight management. Your personal Coach will guide you on how to plan your own portion-controlled meals, how to include the right mix of foods so you’re getting the nutrients your body needs, and encourage you to make physical activity a regular part of your lifestyle.

Top tips to help maintain your goal weight:

  1. The five food groups – Remember to follow your Jenny Craig Maintenance Menu and incorporate all five food groups – fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy foods, plus meats and meat alternatives. For a balanced and nutritious diet, choose healthy fats, and limit added sugar and salt.
  2. Set up your food environment for success– Having a healthy food environment can reduce your access to temptations high in kilojoules, salt and fat and encourage you to reach for a healthier alternative.
  3. Physical activity – Remember to continue to include regular physical activity and reduce your sedentary behaviours. You may also find you need to increase your physical activity to assist with maintaining your weight.
  4. Monitoring – Self monitoring helps to keep you on the right track, continue to regularly check your weight and take your measurements.
  5. Support – Check in with your Coach each month, their support can help you maintain your positive lifestyle habits for the long term. They can also help you get back on the right path if you find yourself getting off track.
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