Summer lovin’ – Why summer is a great time to set healthy habits

By author photo Megan Blandford


Summer is coming! Are you as excited as we are?

There are so many things to love about the perfect season to establish and maintain healthy habits.

Piles of fresh produce

This is such a wonderful time of year for fresh fruit and veggies. Stock up on lots of cooling summer fruits and delicious salad ingredients that are great for one, or for sharing with many.

Oodles of outside time

It’s the season for being outside as much as possible. Picnics and barbecues at the beach or a park are fun ways to be social and stick with your healthy habits as well.

Take lots of fresh produce and cool drinks to your outdoor meals, and remember to throw some vegetables and lean meats on the barbecue to accompany those lovely summer salads.

Heaps of hydration

If there’s a time of year when it’s simpler to keep up hydration levels, summer is it. Cool water and iced herbal teas (add a squeeze of citrus for more fresh flavour) are some favourites that taste great and help you to feel your best.

Eternal ways to exercise

It’s still possible to stay active in the warmer weather, though it may be time to adapt your exercise plan.

You might choose to be active in the mornings when it’s cooler, for example.

Or you might add some different exercise choices in: a yoga session in a cooled studio, or swimming a few times a week can be great in summer.

Boost the body confidence

Summer can be a time that highlights a lack of body confidence. That’s understandable, and something that affects lots of people.

There are some ways to work through this: be mindful of how you talk to yourself about your body, dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, and do the things you find fun.

And focus on the fact that we are all a work in progress.

Whatever you’re doing during summer, there’s one thing for sure: there is no time like now to start a weight loss plan with Jenny Craig.

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