Reach Your Goals with Jenny Craig This Winter

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As soon as the weather turns a little chillier we all start making excuses – not to eat right, not to be active and not to stay on track. But Winter is actually the best time to start your journey and get a great head start on those summer goals, here is just a few reasons why.

Winter Warmer Meals

Everyone loves those hearty and filling winter warmer meals, Jenny Craig is no different!

On the program you can still enjoy all your favourites without over doing it.

Start the day off with warm porridge, Banana Bread, Apple Berry Breakfast cup or Egg & Baked Bean Brekkie. Warm yourself up at night with Cottage Pie and Slow Cooked Lamb and Vegetables (just to name a few!) You can see our full Winter Menu here.


During the colder months we understand that you need extra support and encouragement to stay on track. Seeing your Consultant weekly will ensure you are receiving that extra support, while also gaining strategies and tips to make the colder months easier. By sharing your Winter Weaknesses with your Consultant, they can work with you and help you overcome them this winter.


Getting your greens can be a little hard in the colder months. Roasting, souping and steaming are great ways to get your vegetable intake up without having to rely on cold salads every day.

Your Jenny Craig Consultant can provide you with numerous creative and delicious ideas to add vegetables to your lunch, dinner and snack times. Or check out the huge variety of recipes available here.


There is already less day light during winter, you don’t need cooking to take up even more of you precious time. With Jenny Craig, meals are all ready for you and only need 6-10 minutes to heat up. Leaving you with more time to focus on your exercise during winter, or even get a little extra sleep!


The best reason to lose weight in winter is summer! Be ready for summer clothes, swimming and holidays.

Click here for more great tips on staying on track throughout Winter.

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