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Whether you have already signed up or are thinking about starting Jenny Craig’s new Rapid Results program, you probably have some questions.

What is the Rapid Results program?

It is an innovative science-based program that leverages the body clock’s natural circadian rhythm to help regulate metabolism and support healthy weight management.

Recent studies have shown that each cell of our body contains biological clocks that follow a unique daily 24-hour cycle, called a circadian rhythm. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was recently awarded to three American scientists who discovered the circadian rhythm gene. From this research, we have learned that our internal network of body clocks dictates when to sleep, awaken and eat. The Rapid Results program was designed with this science in mind, taking advantage of our natural metabolism and ability to burn kilojoules when it’s most effective. Members who completed the Rapid Results program lost up to 7 kilograms in the first four weeks. The average weight loss in the study was 5.27 kilograms for those who completed the program.

Who can participate in the Rapid Results program?

You can sign up for Rapid Results if you are 18 years and older. If you are breastfeeding, or have diabetes, then Rapid Results is not right for you and you should follow our Classic menu.

How Is Rapid Results different from the Classic Jenny Craig program?

The Jenny Craig plan is well-known and respected for its commitment to providing perfect-portioned, balanced and delicious menus with the support of a weight loss consultant to address the what and the how much to eat. Now, Rapid Results incorporates when to eat. A rejuvenation break has been integrated into the program allowing your body to regroup and regenerate after a busy day of metabolising your food. Here’s the breakdown:

Rapid Results divides the day into two segments, a nourishment period and a rejuvenation period. During the nourishment period, members eat six times and choose from chef-crafted and nutritionist-designed meals. There is no counting, cooking, or meal prep and the daily menu is based upon appropriate nutrition for healthy weight loss.

The rejuvenation break plays a critical role in the weight-loss plan as a reset time. Research demonstrates that the rejuvenation period, which includes sleep time, allows the body’s cells to rejuvenate and regenerate.

While on Rapid Results, Jenny Craig members will continue to receive the same support with a personal consultant, who is trained to deliver excellent weight loss guidance. Members on the study who followed the Rapid Results program lost 30% more weight in their first four weeks when compared to the Classic Program.

What is the price difference between Rapid Results and the Classic Jenny Craig Program?

There is no price difference. All program options will remain the same. Regardless of program type, you can choose to do Rapid Results or the Jenny Craig Classic program.

What if I am not hungry in the morning or during the day?

Like changing any habit, commit to taking that first step. One effective way is to map out your meals and snacks throughout the 12-hour nourishment period, then set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to eat. As you follow through with your plan day by day, you are creating a new pattern that, over time, will become your new norm. You will discover the feeling of hunger and look forward to your first meal in the morning.

Can I have beverages during the 12-hour Rejuvenation Period?

Yes! You can hydrate with calorie-free beverages like water, plain tea, black coffee or any kilojoule free drinks, in moderation. You do not want to consume beverages that contain sugar or any kilojoules because that will require your body’s attention to process them and not allow it to rest fully.

Is it okay if the start and stop times for the Nourishment Period and Rejuvenation Period change during the week?

Schedules tend to change day-to-day and especially between weekdays to weekends so it may be necessary to shift your schedule by a couple of hours. Some days, the time you start your nourishment period could be from 7am to 7pm or 8am to 8pm. As long as you stick to around a 12-hour block for your body to rest and recharge during the rejuvenation break, you can reap the benefits.

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