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Easter is the time of year when many of us like to pack our bags and head off on an adventure with family or friends. Whether it’s jet setting overseas, or loading up the car to go camping down the coast; with some planning, losing weight when travelling is possible. But, it can also be a challenge. We spoke to our inspiring Jenny Craig ambassador (and frequent traveller), Jelena Dokic, on how she enjoys her time travelling while keeping on track with her weight loss goals.

What are your top tips for snacking when travelling?

I like to pack nutritious snacks like fruit, chopped veggie sticks, wholegrain crackers or nuts; whatever fits into my Jenny Craig menu. These snacks are perfect on the plane or if I’m spending the day sightseeing. I also make sure I drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

How do you make healthy choices when eating out?

I like to have a look through a restaurant’s menu before heading out. It helps give me an idea of what I want to order and whether they have lighter options available. I like to order entrée sized mains, veggie-based meals and salads at restaurants to help keep my portions sizes in check.

How do you watch your portion sizes when you travel?

I find watching my portion sizes to be one of the hardest things about eating healthy when travelling. On my recent trip to Croatia, I used a cleaned-out Jenny Craig serving tray to help guide my portion sizes. I just filled the tray with my meat and grain portion and kept the rest of my plate full of non-starchy veggies!

How do you fit exercise into your travel plans?

Keeping active while I’m travelling is so important to me as I love how exercise makes me feel. I always like to start my day with a walk or a workout to beat the jetlag and keep me feeling energised throughout the day. So I always make sure I pack my work out gear and a comfy pair of shoes, no matter where I’m going.

Jelena’s top tips to stay on track while travelling

  • Stick to regular mealtimes and keep a regular routine. Otherwise you might find you’ll get too hungry and overeat at the next meal.
  • Watch your portion sizes when dining out. Keep your Jenny Craig sized portions in mind and don’t be afraid to share a meal or leave food on your plate.
  • You don’t need to overindulge to enjoy your holiday! You can have fun being active and making healthy eating choices.
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