Is snacking bad for you?

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Busting the snacking and weight loss myth

It’s a common question but Is snacking bad for you? Snacking must be bad for weight loss, right? Surely you have to be hungry to actually lose weight. Wrong! Although it’s a popular belief that snacking throughout the day contributes to weight gain, this is a myth. The truth is, weight loss doesn’t have to be hard or painful. It can include a piece of delicious cake in the right portion.

In fact, many nutritionists advocate for snacking, explaining that snacks can provide a nutritious and satisfying addition to a diet.  Studies have shown that snacking and weight loss can actually go hand in hand. Nutritious snacks can even help your weight loss efforts as they can keep you feeling satisfied and less likely to overindulge at your main meals. The key is to pick healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies, low fat dairy or nuts. You can also include some treats so long as they are portioned controlled and fit into your meal plan.

Just because you’re eating more often, doesn’t mean you’re increasing your kilojoules. At Jenny Craig, we offer a well-balanced, portion-controlled menu that includes nutritious snacks. Our meals and snacks are delicious and satisfying so you don’t have to go hungry. We also take the guesswork out so you can enjoy snacking and weight loss together without having to count kilojoules (calories).

Let go of the belief that weight loss needs to be a challenge. It can be simple, easy and fun. You can have your snacks and eat them too. Is snacking bad for you? Not when you do it right!


Tips for healthy snacking

  1. Choose a Jenny Craig, portion-controlled snack over a snack from the supermarket or take away outlets. Check out some of our nutritious snacks here.
  2. Other nutritious snacks that can fit into your Jenny Craig meal plan include fruit, veggie sticks or reduced fat dairy like yoghurt.
  3. Think about frequency. Your number of snacks will depend on a number of things including how active you are – if you’re burning more energy you can consume more. Your Jenny Craig consultant will help figure out the best daily meal plan for your body.
  4. Pack your snacks. Make sure you always have healthy snacks with you so you’re not tempted to buy something out.
  5. Snack mindfully. Try to enjoy your snacks rather than simply scoffing them down. Food is not the enemy. By allowing yourself to enjoy and appreciate your food, you’ll be satiated for much longer.
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