How to spring clean your life

By author photo Megan Blandford


Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house. It’s also the perfect time of year to reassess different areas of your life. Here’s how.

Spring clean your mind

What is it that’s taking up space in your mind?

That space is precious, and it affects how you feel and how you approach your life. It’s time to give your mind a good clean out so that you can dedicate more space to the things that matter.

Some ways to begin spring cleaning your mind include:

  • Consider how much time you spend on social media or news sites: can this be cut down to free up space in your brain for other things?
  • How do you speak to yourself? Try to be aware of this and make that voice in your mind a little kinder.
  • Do you give your mind some time to rest during the day? Try starting a mindfulness or meditation practice.

Spring clean your soul

The benefits of decluttering have been everywhere lately: from podcasts to Marie Kondo, we’ve all heard that we should only keep the things that we need, or the things that give us joy.

That same theory works for our souls, too.

Write down the things that you do in your days and weeks, including work, volunteer commitments, home duties, and other things that take up your time.

Now write out a new list – this time, note down the way you wish your life looked. Then consider:

  • What are the differences between your original list and your wish list?
  • Are there some ways to reduce that gap?
  • What are the small things you could change to make that happen? For example, if you wish you had more time to exercise, think about how you can make the time. This might be possible if you let go of a task that doesn’t need to be in your life.

Doing the things you want and love to do will have your soul feeling revitalised.

Spring clean your goals

When you look at how your goals are going, it’s best to focus on the little steps. That’s because it’s the small daily habits that lead to achieving big goals. The habits that might be affecting your goals include:

  • How often do you exercise? Making time for movement in each day will help you achieve any goal, whether it’s taking up a hobby or a weight loss goal.
  • How are your sleep habits? Sleep affects every area of our lives, so setting up the habits to get good sleep each night will set you up well.
  • How well are you eating? Be honest with yourself about how well your food is helping your brain and body to function well. If you could do with some support, Jenny Craig has a new menu to enjoy.

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