How to manage your wardrobe during your weight loss journey

By author photo Kate Merryweather


Congratulations, you’re losing weight! But, your success on the scales comes with a new challenge: your wardrobe. You want to look great while the kilos are shifting. However if you’re still on your weight loss journey, it’s not time to splurge on a new wardrobe just yet. Here’s some tips for mid-weight loss clothes shopping to help you stay stylish without breaking the budget.

1. Buy second hand – but be careful

Op shops and second hand websites like eBay provide plenty of bargains for adding to your wardrobe during weight loss! But don’t compromise your style standards. Op shops can be great, but the fashions may be out of date or not something you’d usually like to wear. If you are not sure if something is in fashion or to your style, it probably isn’t.

2. Bargain fashions are easy

Your favourite budget department store stocks the latest fashions at affordable prices. Keep it simple and don’t buy everything just because it’s cheap – you won’t be wearing it for long. When it comes to weight loss clothes shopping, only buy items you’ll truly wear and find comfortable! Stock up on the basics that you can wear every day and build a capsule of mix and match pieces.

3. Splurge on accessories

When you’re in the middle of your weight loss journey you won’t want to waste money on clothes that won’t fit soon. Keep your clothes simple, and stay up to date with accessories. Ladies, a scrunchie in your hair, statement necklace and heels will take your look from drab to fab. (A eye-catching designer handbag is great if the budget allows.) Blokes can do the same with ties, scarves, sunglasses or even hats.

4. Rent a stunning dress or suit for special occasions

If you have a wedding or glamorous party coming up, you don’t want to spend hundreds on an expensive outfit that will soon be too big. The solution? Rent your formal wear. There’s plenty of fashion rental services online. Simply choose a dress or suit, have it posted and return the outfit when you’re done. Take plenty of photos!

5. Get wrapped and stretchy

Wrap dresses, tops and skirts are wonderful for women on their weight loss journey. The waistline can be adjusted as your size changes. Plus, clothes that stretch, like knits or bamboo are perfect to take you through a few size changes. Keep your eye out for these when you’re shopping for clothes through your weight loss journey!

6. Regularly edit your wardrobe

As your measurements change, your favourite outfit may now lack shape and make you look like a little sack of potatoes. So, during your weight loss journey, try on your clothes regularly and make sure they really do fit and flatter you. If it doesn’t make you feel good anymore, it might be time to ditch it! This makes the daily ‘what to wear’ dilemma easier to manage.

7. Get a tailor

If you love your favourite jacket, trousers or skirt, there’s no need to say goodbye to it forever. Find a tailor who can alter your clothes as your size changes. Stick to a maximum of three tailoring sessions for your clothes as the proportions typically can’t withstand any more. This is a great way to stick with some of your beloved items while updating your wardrobe during weight loss!

8. Buy smaller favourites

When you’re shopping for clothes during your weight loss journey, if you’ve found a great pair of jeans or a flattering top, buy the next size down as well (especially if it’s on sale). When you lose a few more kilos your favourite clothes will be ready and waiting for you – this can be quite motivating!

9. Shrink clothes on purpose

Your favourite t-shirts and shirts may shrink a little in the tumble dryer. If they are now too big anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a shot!


Enjoy your shifting size in your weight loss journey and be ready to splurge when you’ve achieved your weight loss goal. Happy shopping! 


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