How to Choose Your NDIS Provider

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Jenny Craig is able to support NDIS recipients on a self-managed plan. If you’re an NDIS participant, Jenny Craig can help you order online from our range of pre-prepared food options to ensure you have balanced, tasty meals on hand. Here are a few reasons why Jenny Craig can work for you.

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for the National Disability Scheme and is an initiative of the Australian Government that provides assistance to those living with a disability.

NDIS recipients on a ‘self-managed plan’ are able to claim rebates for some upfront services from NDIS with a detailed tax receipt.

How does NDIS work for Jenny Craig members?

Recipients of NDIS on a ‘self-managed plan’ who become Jenny Craig members will be able to claim a rebate on their menu purchases. After they make a purchase, the Jenny Craig NDIS Support Team will provide the NDIS recipient with a receipt to lodge their claim and receive their rebate from NDIS.

How do I know if I am eligible for Jenny Craig on my NDIS plan?

If your ‘self-managed NDIS plan’ includes ‘Daily Activities’ in your ‘Core Supports’, or states meal preparation and delivery, you should be able to make a claim from NDIS.

How does payment work?

For self-managed plans, you make the full payment up front for your meals and delivery. Once your meals are delivered, Jenny Craig provides a tax receipt for 70% of the total amount paid, which covers the cost of meal preparation and delivery. You provide this receipt to NDIS for your claim.

Can you provide an individual quote for the cost of food and delivery?

Our specialist NDIS advisors will explain the costs and outline how the tax receipt works. Just click ‘find out more’ to complete a simple form and an advisor will be in touch.

Can I personalise my weekly menu?

Absolutely. You can choose from four different weekly menus with a wide range of meals. You can swap up to five items each week to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Does Jenny Craig have an NDIS Support Team?

Of course! Our application for NDIS Registration is currently progressing with the NDIS Commission. In the meantime, if you are a Self-Managed Participant, our team of advisors can help you with your online meal ordering and delivery, as well as optional weekly phone consultations, to support you through your weight loss program.

The NDIS Support Team, based in Head Office, have completed the training required to meet the specific criteria set out by the NDIS Commission to provide weekly Weight Loss Consultations. Only the NDIS Support team will be communicating with NDIS members and supporting them through weekly consultations.

How can NDIS Recipients enquire to find out more?

Enquiries can be received via the following:

1. The NDIS web page (request a call back from our NDIS support team)
2. An email sent to
3. A phone call to Customer Care

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