Halloween treats to keep you on track

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Halloween is here, and while treats and Halloween go hand in hand, it shouldn’t be an excuse to overindulge in food and drinks, which are not so good for our health.

There’s no reason why your Halloween celebration food can’t be exciting, delicious and healthy all at the one time. Take a look at some of our tips for putting a healthy spin on Halloween treats!

Halloween snacks

• Veggie sticks – carrot, capsicum and even broccoli florets make great snacks.

• Air popped popcorn – hold the salt and butter!

• Jenny Craig snacks – our range of snacks includes delicious options such as Choc Chip Bites, Salted Caramel Nut Bar and Light & Tangy Veggie Crisps.

Creamy Beetroot Dip served with veggie sticks and Jenny Craig Oregano & Thyme Crunchies

• Platter filled with fresh fruit – bananas, berries and mandarins are all delicious!

• Unsalted nuts

If you’re celebrating with friends or family, here are some healthy finger food ideas, perfect for sharing!

Healthy Halloween finger food

• Rice paper rolls

• Sushi rolls

• Home-made carrot chips

• Home-made pita bread pizzas

Special events like Halloween should be enjoyed by all. With these helpful tips and strategies, an indulgence can be enjoyed every so often without affecting your weight loss success.

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