Fridge organisation 101: 6 tips to organise your fridge

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Most of us give very little thought to our fridge organisation, simply opening the door and rifling around until we find the meal or snack we’re looking for.

But health experts and professional organisers say that a well-organised fridge not only helps promote healthy food choices but it can also help eliminate food wastage and help your produce last longer.


How to Spring clean your fridge: The best way to organise for weight loss

A spring clean is the perfect opportunity to consider the best way to organise your fridge. The fridge is a great place to start if you want to improve your diet or you have a goal for weight loss. Cleaning your fridge can symbolise the intention to clean your body and re-stock it with healthy, nutritious and nourishing foods. Consider these tips and tricks for your fridge as you spring into the new season.


  1. Keep it simple

First things first – keep it simple. During your fridge’s spring clean, go through everything and clear the clutter. Think minimalism for your fridge. If it doesn’t spark joy (or if the food doesn’t make your body feel good) then say goodbye – especially if it’s passed its used by date!

Once you’ve created a clean slate, you can resist the temptation to over stock. Having things bursting from your fridge may leave you feeling overwhelmed and tempted to choose unhealthy options.


  1. Organise your healthy portions

Make healthy foods your go-to by preparing small, transparent containers of nuts, chopped fruit and vegetables, home-made dips, healthy leftovers and other nutritious treats. This way, you won’t be tempted by unhealthy processed foods when you’re really hungry for a snack.


  1. Use fridge baskets for fridge organisation

If you have a full fridge, not only is it difficult to reach the ingredients lurking in the back, but it’s easy to forget unseen items and leave them to go off.

Using baskets for grouping similar products together can be a nifty way of creating drawers on every shelf that you just have to slide out to retrieve what you need.


  1. Visibility matters

We’re simple creatures often ruled by our bodies, so make it easy for yourself to make good choices. Products on the middle shelf of the supermarket are often more likely to gain the most attention. Using the same theory making healthy items more visible could lead to healthier choices in your fridge.

A great way to organise your fridge involves ensuring you can see the healthiest foods first. Try putting fresh fruits and vegetables towards the front of the fridge in the middle shelf or at eye level, and your pre-arranged portions somewhere visible too.

Keep the treats towards the back of the fridge and/or in opaque containers so that they’re out of sight.


  1. Move your milk

The door shelves might seem like the perfect nook for bottles of milk and slices of cheese but experts say it’s the hottest part of the fridge.

Keep the door for your preserves and condiments and move your dairy and meat products to the lowest shelves, towards the back where it’s coldest.


  1. Clean as you go

Your kitchen should be a simple and enjoyable place to be, and rifling through stale, limp or expired foods can be another barrier to enjoying healthy cooking.

“If it’s chaotic, everything is stuffed into the fridge and there is no space to work on … No one wants to be in there,” Dr McMillan says.

As soon as you notice spills or crumbs, give the shelf or drawer a quick wipe clean; throw out anything that’s beyond it’s ‘best before’ date and stock your shelves with fresh produce that’s ripe for the picking.

Let this time of year bring inspiration to spring clean not only your fridge, but your body too.



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