Alternative Christmas Gatherings

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Skip the roast and enjoy a fun Christmas party that won’t leave you in a food coma


An alternative gathering this Christmas is a great opportunity to invite a renewed sense of gratitude for your family and your life. Let’s be honest, Christmas Day can be a real snooze-fest, especially when you’re bursting from an over-indulgent lunch on a scorching summer’s day. It’s kind of funny that we’re so committed to our ancestors’ traditions here in Australia when they’re often completely inappropriate for the weather. For a fun Christmas party, consider these alternative gatherings.


Get out of the house

It sounds so simple, but how often do you actually leave the vicinity of the house on Christmas Day? Take a walk around the block and enjoy the peace and quiet, head to the local park or, if you’re really committed to staying home, set up a picnic blanket in a corner of the backyard to enjoy a drink or meal.


Explore nature

Take advantage of the weather and enjoy the great outdoors. A trip to the beach is a truly quintessential Aussie fun Christmas party. And, since everyone’s busy in their own abodes, you might even get the whole place to yourself. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could go for a morning bush walk to work up your appetite or take a simple stroll through one of your favourite natural environments close to home. The peace will be a welcome change during a chaotic time of year.


Be game

Cricket’s not the only active alternative Christmas gathering. If you’re not into cricket, get creative and find the water guns, have a kick of the soccer ball or have a good old-fashioned sack or three-legged race. If it’s too hot, dust off your favourite family board games and bring on the competition.


Embrace the true spirit of Christmas

Have you ever considered volunteering on Christmas Day? There are so many charities looking for support at this time of year. Embrace the true spirit of Christmas by selflessly giving to others. You could be serving up lunch for the less fortunate, helping out at a local hospital or simply helping a friend in need.


Be grateful

What better time of year to consider the things you feel grateful for? For the most sentimental and joy-inducing alternative Christmas gathering, go around the table before lunch and share a favourite family memory, or the reasons you feel fortunate for each of your family members. Studies continue to support the positive benefits of gratitude – what a wonderful gift to share with your nearest and dearest.



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