A Dietitian’s Day on a Plate – Megan

By author photo Megan Alsford


As a dietitian, I like to think I eat relatively healthy and I try to make healthy choices most of the time.

I’m a big believer in balance and enjoy treats as much as the next person and prefer to include them in my meal plan every day.


My meal plan: how I manage to have my cake and eat it too:
  • Breakfast: I start my day off with cereal; usually porridge or muesli with berries. I use the frozen berries as they are convenient and usually more cost effective.
  • Morning Snack: I like the routine of a skinny flat white mid-morning. It’s a good way for me to get my dairy serves and I enjoy the ritual of the walking to the café with work friends. This proves for a yummy, yet healthy snack.
  • Lunch: Each night while I’m cooking dinner, I chop up some extra veggies and put in a container ready for lunch the next day. I then steam these in the microwave and either stir through a Jenny Craig lunch such as the Vegetable Tortellini or I add left-overs from dinner. This helps me to get my vege serves up while keeping portion sizes in check – thinking ahead is useful for your meal plan!
  • Afternoon Snack: I’m a big fan of snacking in the afternoon and try my best to have my second serve of fruit as a healthy snack. I usually like to choose fruits that are in season. And if I’m still hungry, I’ll also have a yoghurt for something sweet. I’m also up for chocolate if it happens to be around!
  • Dinner: As a dietitian, I’m the main cook in my household which means I get to choose what to eat! I usually plan this on a weekend before doing the weekly grocery shop. I like variety for dinner so I’ll mix my meal plan up between a curry, pasta, BBQ or stir fry and I’ll usually throw in a new dish from my many recipe books each week. This week I tried my hand at slow cooker chicken cacciatore, and it was a winner!
  • Dessert: To round off my day meal plan, I finish dinner with a cup of tea while relaxing with my partner and I’ll treat myself to a sweet snack like a Jenny Craig cookie or pudding. They are the perfect portion for something sweet, all the while sticking to a healthy meal plan!

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