6 tips to start the day well

By author photo Megan Blandford


The way we start the morning can either set us up well for the day, or put us behind. To start the day with a pep in your step, try these six things:

Get up with the alarm

Don’t hit snooze! Set your alarm for the time you need to be up to avoid being too rushed, and then get up as soon as it goes off. It might feel hard some mornings, but you’ll soon feel glad you were up and about straight away.

Eat breakfast

If you’re running short on time, you might be looking to cut corners. One that shouldn’t be cut is breakfast. It’s called the most important meal of the day for a reason: it gives you energy and nutrients that are important for the rest of your day.


Doing some exercise in the morning helps to prepare your body for the day ahead. It gets the blood pumping, and gives you a great hit of happy hormones and energy to get started.

It also gives you a sense of accomplishment: you’ve got something important done before the day has even begun. That’s a wonderful feeling.

Positive thoughts

Thinking positive thoughts is an important way to set up a day of feeling good.

To encourage that positivity, try to establish a gratitude practice. Write down the things you’re looking forward to today: they can be big things or tiny moments. At the end of the day, you can note down three things you’re grateful for from your day.

Fresh air

Being outside in the daylight helps our bodies to recognise that it’s time to be awake. A hit of fresh air can also clear the mind and make you feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Try going for a morning walk to get out in nature, or doing some morning gardening.


Getting into the right frame of mind can be helped by doing a morning mindfulness session. Using a free mindfulness or meditation app, take ten minutes to quiet your mind and reflect on your thoughts.

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